Make store items and packs like the packs off steam redeemable per server not once per account

So here is the issue, and this wouldn’t be if you allowed server transfers or redeemable items per server. not once per account…

The items that you get from the store and in steam, and also that celebration pack for ark launching, are redeemable once per account and its stuck to the server you redeemed them on… problem is, is that none of those items are purchasable more than once… the issue is if you change servers, you’ve lost those items with no way to even purchase again.

Suggestion would be to allow server transfers , so all those items move with you for those of us on dead (like mine) or high pop servers…


make it so the items are redeemable once per server.

It wouldn’t be that big of a deal if you can get these items again, but you cant.

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