Make T3 Chaos Dungeon Vendor Bond like other region and why

for sure you need to listening to you player base and not someone who creating a lot of account to defend the bot (they are just someone who using bot and want to make u confuse when makeing a choice)… i hear T3 vendor on other region was bond on account, then why you make it tradeable on this region LOL.

and this bot running around for 24/7 making them always login… so the server with have a lot of load them become queue (like mari or valtan), if you guys planning make that tradeable from start mean you guys supporting the bot. @Roxx @OminousOnion


And player count to 150k?
No way

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They made them tradeable because they honestly didn’t know how well the game would do in NA/EU.

This was a developer choice to encourage players to sell on the market so that there was a false positive on an active marketplace…

Basically they wanted to bring in materials from every source to the market in hopes of making it look like the game has an active player base.

The reality is they didn’t have the foresight to see how this would backfire on them, and they are now realizing how much they screwed up their own economy.

Game has been one giant bad choice after another, can’t wait to see what sorta cluster phuk they create next with our version.

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i need to agree with this one, maybe it will not going down player count to 150k… but the main goal of bot was limited, for sure it will get rid of queueing for some server like valtan , mari , and other na west.

on thread A true record of what I've seen lurking in one of the largest BOTS/Cheater group , was saying they always read thread on forum… and one solution that make bot affraid was t3 chaos vendor exchange being bond to roster or they limit the reward like for great honor down to 30/30 from 99/99. @OminousOnion

for sure if that will get rid of queueing i will rather have that limited or bond… it’s not fun in west always queueing 5k-10k every fcking single day.

and the one who gonna affraid with this change was :

  1. Bot user
  2. RMT player ( cuz they depend on this to)
  3. real player but using macro to run infinite chaos dungeon only wave 1>quit>wave1 repeat

i didn’t say it will going down to 150k, i am jus give them solution to fight bot… and solution to get rid of queue for a lot of us west server

I know but if they fix bots player count would drop to the real 150k and that would look pretty bad

look pretty bad for who.? instead of pride on steam chart… their investor doesn’t care about that they just care about profit… if you can reduce the bot cost for maintanance server will be reduce, player not suffering from queue to @Roxx @Azanaa @OminousOnion @Shadow_Fox

cuz the only solution was to limited or bond that t3 chaos vendor exchange… fighting like updateing EAC we already see it doesn’t work at all, so in game solution was the only option.