Make the engravings from Thronespire bound please

The fact that the bots are non stop farming it, the fact that Grudge is now less expensive than Keen Blunt Weapon in EUC, the fact that it’s ruining the economy by making everything else more expensive… please just do something about it.

I know it would be unfair towards people who didn’t complete Thronespire (which is my case, as a Bard main), but it’s the easiest way to go, and I think people who didn’t complete it would prefer to be able to use the market at decent prices + get 2 free engravings than get 2 sellable engravings and not be able to buy anything on the market because everything else is too expensive.



+1 we havent like in korea personal id into account. You shouldny fotgot about class engraving on anquish isle

Do you seriously think if books become bound, stuff on market will get cheaper?

Book farming does not generate gold into the economy. Therefore it won’t have any effect on the inflation. Nothing will get cheaper. Bots make majority of their gold through weekly una tasks, rapports and similar one-time only stuff. Or I don’t understand, do you think bots will run out of gold to sell if books become bound? You have no idea how much gold they are generating. They will have millions and millions of gold in stock no matter what.

What will happen instead, players will be stuck with their 2/20 progress on the book of their preference and the price of books will be doubled. Majority of players will never complete these books. And no, majority of players are not people with 6 chars doing legion raids every week.

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I agree with this.
Also, the problem is not the books or anything in game really.

The problem is EAC for being the crappy anti-cheat, and also amazon/smilegate’s inability to detect bots/cheaters.(and actually do something about it)

2c done.