Make the events scale with number of people attending

Hello, is it possible to make the events scale with number of people attending. Stuff like tranquil island is almost impossible to complete now that less people do it. Or at least make it worth to go and do these islands for people that already have the island soul.


agreed same with sea events

Heya @Worap, thank you for your feedback and suggestion.

What sort of prize would you like to see added to incentivize players to return to these islands?

Thank you for chiming in and adding the sea events to this topic @TheAmazonCurse

Just add an default of 850 gold

Thanks for adding this suggestion, we appreciate your contribution! :slight_smile:

Stuff that people want so there’s a point for them to still do them. Like T3 mats, gold, rapport items, gems, engraving books, cards packs, etc. Or you guys could make the sea events cross-server like in raids and dungeons, that way it would be easier to find people that wants to do the islands.