Make the offline mode status apply to guild too

With the ability to use offline status in friends list, why doesn’t it apply to same thing as showing offline in the guild?

There are some periods where I just want to get on the game and do my own things without being bothered by friends and guildmates.


i second this doesnt make any sense @Roxx @Shadow_Fox

Appreciate the feedback, certainly makes sense to appear offline in the guild too. I’ll pass this over to the team.


hi with the recent update that says " * Characters whose status is set to ‘Offline’ in the Friends tab have been changed so that they are not shown in the guild invitation UI.", I still see myself online in the guild ui.

@Roxx @Shadow_Fox

can anyone else confirm if you still show up online in guild ui when you have offlinde mode set?

You still show as online in guild. At least they fixed online status for guild applicants. KEKW

o that’s what the patch note meant…
they still haven’t implemented the offline mode in guld ui.