Make the right decision... Focus the Class release

Pls Amazon… Focus the Class release… We dont need any new Content… We need our Classes that we wanne main! Please!


Ye they can release any content they want, but the fact that I won’t be getting to play my favorite class until up to half a year from now, just slaughtered my interest in the game.

It may be a good mmorpg, but I ain’t gonna play a class I don’t really like for half a year. Hell to the flippin no…


Everyone keeps using this “We” term in all their posts spitting absolutes like they speak for everyone.

I get it, you have opinions, but stop saying We like you are an elected mouthpiece of the people.

I’m fine with whatever release schedule they want to put up, whether that be classes or content, but the fact they are giving us both? Fantastic.

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“we dont need new content” …wow , hardly ever saw a more stupid comment .