Make the welcome challenge materials roster bound PLEASE!

Let me preface this with I have 1 character I play and do not want to play alts but to do their dailies or to make rapport easier, really I made alts just to try out the other classes. I logged onto one of the low level alts I made just to donate to my guild and rapport with someone in an early zone. I had a lapse of focus and claimed my T3 mats for completing armored Necrasana on my level 16 gunslinger. WHY ARE YOU EVEN ABLE TO CLAIM T3 MATS ON A T1 CHARACTER??? ->[{(At no other point in the game can you access higher tier mats than you have natural access to(except welcome challenges)}]. IF YOURE GOING TO DO THIS PLEASE MAKE THEM ROSTER BOUND! I have T3 mats on a T1 character I do not want to play and never plan to make to a T3 character… 150 Leapstones is a ton. My friends are weeks ahead of me already (their alts are approaching T3) and now I’m even further behind…

Edit: grammar and clarity + and take out some of my ranting.

Whelp you did an oopsie. Because they aren’t changing that.