Make una gold roaster bound

  1. una weekly gold is the most important gold income for bot studio. they run shadow island una daily+script chaos on 9999999 acount to print gold and sell them to rmters who will later inject the gold into the market.
    wonder why the accessories are 300k plus? this is why. cuz rmter bought the gold so cheap and when they see 300k price they dont think it is expensive. but for us legit players this price is two months of work.
    not even to mention the constant dc.“too many users using the service” msg on AH. all of these will be gone when bots are gone. roster bound una gold will kill the profit margin for bot studio. they will leave becasue this activity is not making enough money for them to cover their electricity bill

  2. normal player wont feel the change. surprisingly, we spend more gold to npc than we think. una weekly gold is around 5000 without the giant lucky gold bar. (it does exist according to my experience. lol) honing, quality upgrade, and the golden frog casino will cost you way more than this amount. i will bet you most players wont even notice this change.
    bot washing their gold by golden frog and sell lengendary engraving? thank you very much i would love to see that hahahaha.

just an idea want to share to the community and welcome and discussions.

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I’m not sure how complicated it would be to have a separate gold currency for roster bound gold. It sounds far simpler for them to just change what the Una vendor offers.

If real players are spending their gold on certain items (gold books, card packs, gems, Pheons, silver, etc) then just cut out the middle man and offer those items as roster bound. You still benefit the player and hurt the bots.

The Bound gold will be used by the bots to hone to 1415. The bound gold will be used by the bots on the toad.

Dont worry, magically, your “brilliant” idea are almost about to come true:

A hard change from gold to silver would be horrible. Silver has its uses, but making it the only option would suck. There are so many things that unas tokens could help with. So many elements of progression to cover.

Let alone the fact that it would follow their default 1k gold > 100k silver which would result in whooping weekly 400k silver :smile:

So the solution to combat botting is to constantly punish the actual players by removing sources of gold (Una, rapport npc’s). Great plan :roll_eyes:

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its not complicated at all they already block the gold you get from the cash shop for 3 days

they should make all gold roster bound. Problem solved.