Make your reviews count

If you are upset, angry, or disappointed by the current state of things, say it in a steam review. It only takes seconds to post a sentence or two about how you feel.

Posting on here is not going to sway many new players considering a download/purchase. However, it may on steam if enough people speak up. As an added bonus, deterring some people from downloading the game may reduce that poor server load they can’t handle and maybe it will help unlock servers faster.

Steam reviews go live soon. Post your opinions and spread the word. Poor reviews can lead to fast action and resolution. You can always change your review later as well!

Edit: If you disagree with this, that is fine too. I love this game so far and have had mostly a great experience. I am not encouraging review bombs… I am saying people who want to see things changed may need to speak outside of this forum and steam is a good place to start.

Sometimes it is hard to see but this is a product and it is being handled by companies that want profit. Sometimes the best way to get a point across to a business is by making them know that their sales could be effected if they don’t make certain things a priority. Is this the only way or best option? No. It is the easiest though and because of that, may garner more attention.


Have to wait till “release”.

Already wrote my text and will publish soon™

Really ? I’m pretty sure that they’re aware of what’s going on right now with all the whining taking place.


Honestly I’m having a great time in the game, I’m on a high pop server never had a queue. I don’t feel misled or scammed from my founders pack at all, because I looked into it before buying it.

My only complaint is them locking servers, other than that, games great.


Conversely, if you have been enjoying the game, say it in a steam review.


Game is excellent… been a normal launch…


I really haven’t had any issues. But I didn’t get to start playing until 8 hours after launch. I immediately went to server without a que. I should hit 50 today on my deadeye!


Yeah my main complaint is server locking. They should have prepared for this better considering they knew how many preorders there were and could have made some rough estimates.

I just feel it isn’t right to sell early access and then say to people, we expect you to waste all of that if you want to play with your friends who didn’t get in yet. Anyone who swaps to a new server to play with friends won’t just lose time but any purchases they made.

I agree completely, people should write honest reviews. Honestly, I am enjoying the game very much but I’d like to also fully enjoy the mmo part of it as well.

The problem is I planned to enjoy it with people starting today and tomorrow. Now that plan is getting messy. I could join the server some of my friends get in today but what happens if that one locks up and then when other friends try to get in tomorrow, they need to pick yet another server? How many times will people need to restart to coordinate with their groups?

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Server locking is garbage, but I’m not gonna leave a negative review over a temporary hiccup because I’m having a killer time overall. Reviews should be about how good the game are, not about how the company has mis-stepped during the launch of a game.


I don’t disagree with you, reviews should be about the game. My problem is locking the servers is locking part of the game, the multiplayer part. I got this game to play with friends and now some are locked out, some are on a server with me, some joining tomorrow may be locked out of yet more servers… this ruins things. Not to mention, swapping servers isn’t just progress loss but loss of purchases, twitch drops, and more.

As much as I agree this launch was a shit show, giving horrible reviews to the game wouldn’t be fair since the game itself is amazing. Smilegate is also a great Developer that actually cares about their players so it would be a shame if people base their review solely on their launch experience.


Yeah man I’m here with you on that note. There’s a couple of my friends who won’t be able to play with me, thankfully they aren’t as serious about the game and will probably just make new characters on my server once things calm down and they open things up again.

I’d say as a community we should push for unlocking these servers ASAP. I’d rather have high queues than not being able to play with friends at all.

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thats it bomb steam reviews with bad reviews because of some server issues so the game dies and nobody ever plays it! huge brain! :smiley:


Yep. Lots of people think you can’t have a complaint while still loving the game.

It’s been a very positive experience for me (thankfully), but I have my issues with it too.

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It is not the same guy doing the same post on New World ?

Why you can’t play your own way and don’t ask people to left reviews ?
Are you paid per review ?

95% of threads here are from casuals or 12 yo.

This is by far the best release of a game since 10y+

Lock server is normal, even FF14 stop sell their game for 2 months.

Go try to reach 300 GS before 6 months and comeback.

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Pre-orders wouldn’t have told them that the entirety of the EU playerbase would try to cram into 4 servers. The longest queue I’ve ever seen in NA is 2kish and I’m on one of the locked servers.

My friends and I left great reviews. Mostly because we weren’t “specialists” and made the smart decision to not follow every content creator to (Insert one of three overloaded servers). If your issue is being unable to play with friends because you chose a popular server at the launch of headstart, is a personal mistake and not a game design error. If you don’t add this to your review and complain about server queues and character creation being locked, most people will just write your review off as complaining and uninformed.

This is a lesson most of us who beta test, pre-order, or become founders of games have learned already. NEVER open your starter or founders pack until you are cemented in your choice of server, character, class, etc. If you accepted the Founders Pack that clearly states “ONE CHARACTER PER ACCOUNT”, unknowing if your friends can join you, is also a personal mistake.

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I’m not sure what you think you are replying to… I’m pretty sure my internet and computer is not causing things like server locks and item duping.

Being aware and actually doing something about it are 2 different things.

The reviews are meant to force them into action. >Correct action<

Simply just being aware of it and letting your user base be upset aint it.

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