Make your reviews count

In your opinion, what is the >Correct Action<?

True, but it is a pretty big hint that maybe they should have had more than 4 servers and labeled them better.

considering how mmos usually launch, this one has actually been pretty solid. On top of that the game itself is very enjoyable. Also, typically on steam reviews when people spam negative reviews based on ques and general launch issues they just get removed after a few weeks.

sidenote, AGS knows servers are congested and this team are definitely handling it way better than the new world team, especially with CM Roxx being great at communication.

Great, I’ll review it 10/10 because it’s the most fun I’ve had from a game since forever.


I didn’t follow anyone to my server… I’m not sure how I was supposed to know which servers would get locked ahead of time though. I don’t watch streamers or content creators, whatever you call them.

I’ve been a founder on dozens of games and never ran into the issue of not being able to play with friends… And lets be real, it isnt a head start/early access if you have to start over. What will you say if they lock more servers after it goes live? That people should have known that would happen too?

Also, don’t make random assumptions.

Good! If you have no complaints at all, you should.

My point is, the people that are complaining here and want to see change need to make sure they are heard in places where it counts.

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Didnt follow a streamer, selected a server on opening of headstart that wasnt listed as “Busy” and played 42 of 68 available headstart hours.

In my opinion, the worst thing that has happened thats AGS fault is the story bug, most other issues seem to be player caused…

Problem is, most of them, will review bomb it for queu and server problems, not for game problems. Review bombing a good game because you had a bad launch experience with queus, is very childish.

Also, it’s only an excuse if you are new to mmorpgs. If you aren’t, there’s no excuse for you to not prepare for the queus. I got 2 days on leave from work to enjoy this game and I had 0 queus every day because I logged in at mornings. And my server is Zinnervale, lol.

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I don’t agree with their choice of locking servers because now people who were waiting for f2p friends to join them are fucked, but that’s about it. Should have just put a warning for new people creating on those servers.

That being said, if you got friends who were cheapasses and didn’t even get a bronze founder, you shouldn’t be the one rerolling and shit. They wanted to wait, well, they can wait some more. Servers will probably unlock in a week or so probably…

I’m on zinnervale and had a 3 and half hours queue one evening, aside of that, logged on in the morning or night and had zero issues.

This ea launch was pretty good tbh, i’ve seen far far far worse over the past 20+ years… the title of this thread has toxic “i want to speak to the manager” vibes even if the op’s issue is mainly about server locking, don’t put a bad review cause amazon is trying to save players from themselves. That’s childish af and the game doesn’t deserve that.

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This game should not accommodate ftp gamers over btp gamers. Ftp doesn’t support the game at all and feeling entitled to it, while you give 0 support, is the definition of a whiny entitled kid

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I’ll be leaving a great review once Steam allows. I only give negative reviews for actual gameplay/design/bad product. A launch with queues is not a bad product. Stop having a tantrum.


If you are having a blast, put it on a Steam review as well!

Loving the hell out of this game!


There are what, 6 EU servers without a queue at this point? People just refuse to play there. I get friends and guildmates and all that, but that isn’t on AGS. That’s on friends and guildmates.

This happens with literally every MMO release I’ve ever been a part of, people pick the high pop servers and then complain because the servers are high pop and have queues. It isn’t like there aren’t enough servers, it’s that for some reason people think that they’re one of the chosen few where the queues should apply to the other plebeians and not them. Every single time.

If there was a solution we’d have probably seen SOMEONE implement it by now.

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I don’t care about queues… I want queues! At least over locking servers.

I don’t want to encourage negative reviews for the sake of being petty, I am suggesting people make their voices heard about their grievances outside of this forum. The sad reality is, money/numbers talk more than loud voices on a forum and sometimes for change to happen, people need to be louder.

People love a game and forget it is a product own and managed by businesses. If a problem exists but won’t cause any waves with their profits, that problem may not get prioritized. IF people see a problem with ANY aspect of this game, now is the time to draw attention to it, especially where AGS is concerned.

On the other hand, if you see no flaws, right a good review. I’m not implying people should lie, simply that they should be vocal on steam.

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We have to give them time, the game hasn’t been out for a week yet.

Love the game so far. Will definitely post my review.

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I was able to log in the first day on a NA-East server, made six characters, haven’t experienced a single queue, disconnect, lag or any issues of any kind whatsoever. I’ve had fun in the time that I put in. I’ll make sure to post a positive review on Steam because the actual gameplay experience has been really good thus far.

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the server problem that they have created has to be resolved today, or there will be lasting damage

This 100%. People who didn’t want to headstart made their choice. 100% of my guild (60 people) got into the server (Una) on launch day (granted with queues as well) because they paid to be there.

If someone’s friends wanted to wait, are they really friends? :rofl:

This doesn’t seem any worse than every other mmorpg.