Making a sorc alt, need a little guidance

We’re currently working on a Crit+Casting Reflux sorc alt.

But this has us wondering about a couple of things and we wanted to ask about your options.

-What should we use instead of Conviction/Judgment runes? We don’t have the Legendary ones and it might take a while getting them because we don’t have the merch in our strongholds.

Is this really a good idea? We don’t quite like playing without a counter attack as a whole (though I blame that on us both maining classes with good counters.) What speaks against, as I am looking at, Ice Shower at lvl 7 with the reduced castspeed + tenacity tripods? (Squall feels incredibly meh to us so we wouldn’t run that.)

Good +1? I bought a bunch of All-Out Attack + Hit Master stones in hopes of crafting a 9/7 (We have +12 Grudge and Adren books). Maybe Ether Predator which I already use as my +1 on Mayhem Zerker?

I don’t know why the hell this ended up in Bugs Feedback, lol. I thought I was posting in Class Discussion, can somebody please move this? Thanks!

Hi there @Yalula,

No worries! It happens sometimes. We have moved your thoughts over to Class Discussion for you. Please let us know if you require assistance with anything else. Have an awesome day!

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Sorry if this sounds I’m just throwing you a “look at google” reply but honestly nothing in this forum will ever be as detailed and helpful as this community guide.

It has the pros and cons of multiple variants of igniter and reflux builds, tripod/gem recommendations, and even optimal rotations (yes reflux sorcs do have optimal rotations. Not knowing is where a lot of reflux players lose out on damage).

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Have a look at the sorc community guide if you haven’t already.

Keep in mind post relic gear, casting reflux is considered the weakest of all sorc builds in terms of damage potential. Obviously player skill is still a major factor.

I started as casting build and eventually transitioned to crit instant cast at clown. Casting reflux is still very much useable in end game, it’s just very rare to see one (other than myself, I haven’t seen any since Vykas). Personally I don’t use C-J. I throw on wealth runes instead since blink is very useful for animation cancelling (very important for casting build) or quickly reposition. As casting reflux, you also want to stay in Magick Addiction.

Counter depends on how comfortable you personally are with sorc counter and how reliable counters are from the rest of your party. Sorc is known for having one of the worst counters in the game due to the long cast delay but it’s still useful. Especially with end game having more and more predictable counter windows where you can pre-cast the skill to land the counter on time. Of course don’t expect to out counter classes like scrapper and paladin that have much faster counter skills.

+1 engraving depends on whether you are using Adrenaline or CD as lvl 3. If Adrenaline 3, then go +1 Ether Predator. If CD 3, then go +1 Adrenaline.


Don’t have a sorc but btw you can buy conviction judgment runes in other people’s strongholds. You could just go stronghold hopping until you find one ^^.

Unfortunately I don’t have many good things to say about my Castflux which is working diligently in Lopang now (1520). Hit the nail on the head for damage potential, in an experienced Static this feels more like a tax on the group than value added. You don’t have great Stagger, Weak Point is questionable, and burst periods in raids get shorter as everyone else gets stronger.

It was fun to play and still serviceable in pug content but expectations should be kept low.

Absolutely agree. It’s the same reason that I switched to crit flux. I was the highest ilvl in my old static for a while and it was the only reason I get mvp ahead of everyone else. Once the others started catching up in ilvl, my damage just couldn’t keep up any more. You don’t get damage from skill uptime like instant cast build, nor do you have much burst damage per say like igniter or even classless build.

I still have the casting build that I use for equalised content like challenge guardians and challenge abyssal dungeons where it works great since there’s no relic gear.