Making Gold without spending real cash

OK noob question but,

I am new to the game and have to play Free to Play, which means no Pay to Win.
So how do I get the gold to: Sell on the Market, Honing, and everything else which costs gold. I have looked around for ideas and I am maxed out on gear rating before you pay real cash, 600 item rating, but I am stumped as to where to go to gain gold.

I have looked at selling on the market but you have to have gold to sell anything on the market, so its back to square one as to getting the gold.

Are there special dungeons I need to be looking for, and if somebody could be nice enough and DM me a short list for my item rating it would be helpful.

I look forward to some positive help from you wonderful people.

The adventure Island has 2 gold rewards that happen weekly and gives 750g roughly.
However PRE 1445, you do not really need ANY gold to progress as there is zero costs to hone. You can sell your life skill mats for gold if the value is good.

Thank you for the great info

I am at 600 and its asking for gold to upgrade this is why I am asking how to obtain gold. Exchanging it in game seems to be expencive, or I just do not understand their exchange rates lol

in T1 and T2 you only get gold from abyss dungeons but its not that big amount like 200 gold or something. when you get to T3 on 1340 Ilevel u can enter the normal difficulty T3 abyss dungeon u will get a bit more gold on 1370 you unlock abyss raid (ARGOS) and the hard difficulty of the abyss dungeon next milestone is on 1415 Ilvl and your introduction to the Legion raids with normal Valtan thats where u can consider yourself gaining goldto build your roaster and buy engravings and stuff

The T1-T2 abyss dungeons should give you some amount of gold

no dont upgrade the T1 gear anymore go to YORN contenient after finishing the quest u wil be able to run the T2 chaos dungeon to get new gear thta will put u in 802 ilvl(dont forget to transfer gear at the honing guy)
u will face this one more time when u get to 1100ilvl travel to punika and do the ame to get the T3 gear

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AT 600, you go to yorn. it will give you a new 802 set. You do not need to upgrade any T1 or T2 gear past +15.

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Go do life skilling, preferably fishing or excavating. Sometimes throw a rotation in for mining and logging to have materials to send boats in your stronghold. (you need to repair them with Ore and Logs)

Depending on the prices, life skilling fishing or excavating mats can be really worth for lots of gold because bots no longer dump these onto the market (atleast for now though…).

You can also keep them as they are needed to crafting Oreha material in your stronghold, a very important material for honing.

Also keep in mind, you can only sell life skill materials up from 1375 item level, so stock them up and dump them into the market or save them for Oreha material crafting.

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Thanks Guys. Once the game is up I will have a look as to where I am. but I thought I had finished YORN but I must have missed something.

Learn Traditional Chinese and join the botterhood xD j/k

Sell what every you can that is not bound to you , anything from mats for honing , like some one said your life skill mats , especially excavating mats . Excavating and gathering is the best to focus.
When you get Platinum Fields card use it for Gathering herbs , it will net you around 5k per run , and before that try to find some Plat field guides on YT .
Make Basic Oreha mats for honing and health pots in your Stronghold , also a decent income .

Do Chaos Gates and gather maps and fragments , also suggest you watch some guides so you know how to use chaos shards and for what . Sell everything you got from map runs .

As a free to play you are just focusing your main and have 2-3-4 alts depends on time You want to spend in game …

finishing the MSQ of yorn opens up the chaos dungeons for yorn. The first one requires GS600 and gives 802 gear as drops.

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Never go beyond +15 in Tier 1 and Tier 2.
You can do the smallest chaos dungeon in the next tier that provide you the next tier gear.

Also, if you transfer your +15 T1 or T2 gear to your higher one, you save one stage on every piece. So you always start on +1.

I have Chaos dungeons open and have cleared the first 4 easy.

I haven’t got any new gear for clearing the dungeons though. except the 302 gear.

This ^

at 600 you continue the main story questline

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then you are not doing the yorn ones, that or just havent unlocked them

You should technically have 8 Chaos dungeons unlocked.
4 from North Vern (302 up to 460)
4 from Rhoendel (Rhoendel Continent unlocks at 460 and completing the MSQ unlocks these and they go from 460 to 600)

At 600 You unlock Yorn. Complete the Yorn MSQ to unlock 4 additional CD’s that start at 600 and go up to 960. The first one has a required 600 but gives 802 gear drops.
At 960 you unlock Feiton. Complete the Feiton MSQ to unlock another 4 additional ones that start at 960 and go up to 1100.
At 100 you unlock Punika. Complete the Punika MSQ to unlock the Tier 3 ones that give 1302 gear.

Open the GUIDE quests in the quest log, those will guide you.

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When you are at 600 you should be doing Yorn questline to unlock the next tier of content!

You should also consider doing a other character because you will have everything for free and faster since we have story express.

(No honing at all needed) its gonna be like 20x faster to redo teh story and arrive pass the current point you are at vs continuing on that character)

You do unas task to get unas tokens and exchamge them for gold at gold trader… Also you run abbys dungeon those give you gold and last not least Chaos gate gives you maps that you run for shard bags to sell in the ah with the gold you got from abbys and unas

Pre T3, I dont think you get enough tokens in 1 week for a single 500 token box. I think its feiton when you get roughly 575 tokens a week and punika I believe it jumps to just over 1000 before jumping again at 1415 to 1500 tokens a week.

This statement is only true to the honing cost to click the button. It does not take into account that it takes 200 gold per 30 for basic oreha fusion material. You will need thousands of gold still to hone to 1445.