Making new roster on different server

Are there any limitations to the new roster if i start it in a different server?

I believe u keep share the blue crystals and crystalline aura, but do i still get to do another set of weekly unas, legion raids, etc?

No, u share only cristaline aura and RC.

About unas and such, you do get another set of them, because its a totally different roster. achievements, engravings, everything is brand new.

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To add to above. Adventure islands are account wide.

Powerpasses earned are account wide, but lock into a roster once you get them. Express event (the thing with end picture of Yoho) and similiar are account wide. Oddly, Ark pass was roster. Maharaka account wide.

Mostly everything else is roster based. Customisation very likely roster, haven’t checked actually.

wat do u mean the poewrpass lock into a roster, tomorrow if i start on a diff server will i be able to use the poewrpass on that roster?

do i have to redo quests to be able to use powerpass?

It is possible but I suggest you level one roster of 6 characters (or more) to a proper level and then decide how worth it is to sweat that hard over this videogame.

you can use a powerpass that you buy in that server, the 2 first powerpass are region wide and you probably already use them when you did start playing the game

Let me try to explain.

You get a Vern powerpass from completing Vern. I’m fairly sure it goes into the roster, that you completed the Vern. And you can use it only there. When you use the said powerpass, you get another. Same thing. Now I did it long time ago, so I’m assuming here it was delivered as ticket in mail. That would lock them into that roster. If it’s some kind of achivement reward, it may be actually account wide.

Now because powerpasses is per account, your other rosters won’t get these.

Punika powerpass. Same thing. Now IF, and there is really no reason to assume any other, IF it is delivered the same way as previous Punika powerpass, when you log into a character, that matches the condition to earn it, that is the side quest in Punika, you get the powerpass ticket in mail to that character. So it will be stuck on that roster.

And because the powerpass is once per account, you won’t get another. (of that, except until we get a new punika powerpass maybe 3 months from now)

The first punika powerpass, a lot of players with alt roster, we probably all got it to our main roster, and it was useless since I can’t imagine a player creating an alt roster, without first one being full already.

If you don’t have a second roster right here right now, that has also done the punika sidequest, you will not get the punika powerpass to your alt roster, as you will automatically get it to your main roster once you log into an character that matches the condition. You could manage to spare it, but it requires that you don’t log into a character that has done the questline that it’s rewarded for. So since it’s safe to assume you’ve done it with your main, no, you can’t use this one for an alt roster.

Creating an alt roster is not ez mode. Levelling your first alt main, is tedious. Worse if you do it with a support like I did :frowning: Always go socr or some other ez mode class.

You will need to redo everyhing.

However it is convinient and rewarding. You will nearly always have rest bonus to use. You can choose to do easier stuff with better rewards, over grinding tedious stuff. You can play with lots of different classes, and you don’t have to care that much.

thx i guess i will have to see how things go tom

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