Making progress on Alt character

So I initially chose Deathblade as my main character, and little did I realize that once you’ve done your main character, it locks you into using that character to further progress the story. I leveled the gearscore of my alt character to 480, thinking I would be able to still complete the quest to go to rohendale, but it refuses to let you until your main character has acquired that gearscore. Make it so we can change which character registers as “Main”, or let every character share the story quests, that is my suggestion.

It’s possible to change the main character in the character selection screen.

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This doesn’t change which quests the character receives. Tried it myself. You can do most purple quests, but the purple quests that your main started already can’t be completed, locking you into that character to progress to other continents.

that is not true, I changed mains the second I hit vern and used my powerpass on my sorcereress

most “guide” or purple quests can be abandoned and picked up again from the journal, thats what I did to get everything on my sorc :slight_smile:

yeah, you’ll need to abandon the quests on one character first

I don’t know if I’m clearly understanding your issue. But let me try…

I started again on Sirius EU with friends, my first character was a Paladin which is lvl 23 now.
But I want to play a character for solo action, so I started a new one which is now lvl 50 and I don’t had any issues with story related questlines

It doesn’t let you, it shows red text saying you can’t abandon it because it’s a vital quest. The option to abandon is greyed out.

Then maybe that is an exception, idk, I once messed up a (blue) quest by getting the quest item on an alt, but it turned out I could progress the quest on the alt by talking to the quest person, even if I didn’t have the quest in their log. Then as I picked up the chained quest after that the quest got logged on that alt instead.

I will update when I learn more.

But when I remember correctly, my artillerist who I used a powerpass on got the same rohendel quest as my deathblade and my sorc, so idk

I didn’t receive the quest, unless maybe I did and missed it. Let me check. It is not saying I hit 460, but it says I can visit rohendale, so let’s see if that skips that step, or made me waste a little time sailing. I love the ocean, lmao

prolly good to finish the quest where u need to talk to an old sailer that let’s you bypass the wall

YEAH, I am on “A New Voyage” is that after the 460 quest?

Status Update: So, you can just ignore it saying you don’t have enough gearscore, it still lets you go to Rohen and auto-completes the quest. AND IT GIVES YOU ACCESS TO WORLD QUESTS! I am so happy, all my problems are solved.

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it’s actually written on the quest description that if one of ur character already did that quest, u must skip that part, u can verify if the quest has been complete in the quest tab under completed quest

So iam now in rohendel with my alt and dont have the itemlevel how i can do dailys there and use the teleporters?
How can i skip the story in rohendel when i did it with my main?