Male Striker only getting female martial loot (and otherway around female gets male)

What’s more, last night I sent a ticket and talked to an assistant and he told me that he would report it, but it looks like the problem persists because I just killed Rovlen, and the whole team for martial artist male

Hi !

Character name: Junedananas

Server/Region Name: Zinnervale/ Europe

Any other detail about the issue: it happened with 3 chests i got : Rudric, Salt Giant and Rovlen : only Make Exclusive armor piece. I keep the Rovlen’s ones in my inventory right now, but i dismantled Giant’s and Rudric’s ones already.

Thanks !

Still happening!
@Roxx @Kagami
Any news about this, ETA on fix?

Same issue here, just minutes ago -

Character name: Sayuriah (Scrapper)

Server/Region Name: Zinnervale EU


yup, been getting this issue as well, killed world bosses multiple times just to check.
Character name: Zartass (Striker)
Server: Kadan (EU)

Character name:Mike

Server/Region Name:Thirain

Playing Striker , getting female Martial art gear from world bosses.

Misra / Kadan / Scrapper

Now on Wili-Wili i think that happen in all the bosses so no more until it get fixed

Same Issue
Character: Zadie
Region: US East
Server: Galatur

Im a Scrapper and getting Male Martial artists gear i cant use:

Character name: Trake

Server/Region Name: Kadan / Europe

Also playing Striker and getting female Martial art gear all three times from world bosses…

Character name: Srprogeria

Server/Region Name: Agaton / SA

Also playing Martial triker and getting Male Striker art gear all three times from world bosses…

Same issue here.

Character name: Looney (Scrapper)

Server/Region Name: Kadan EU

Happened with Rovlen and Salt guy.

same problem
NA US-weat

Same Issue

EU - Thirain

Bosses - Rudric, Salt Giant, Rovlen


EDIT: Oh and it appears that in dialogs, my Scrapper is consider Male character.

Any gear dropped from chests or from world bosses are opposite male martial artists are getting female items and female martial artists are getting male items
The world bosses I did were Rudic and Slat Giant

I have done two world bosses and have missed out on loot because of it

Server: Landon NA
Character name: Captainloopy male Striker class

First kill chests from Worldbosses also give opposite loot. As martial artist we cant do world bosses as it stand now!!!

@Kagami @Roxx ETA on fix ??


EU/ Neria
Playing striker and getting only female drops

Server: Asta Region: Europe
Character Name: Nourya

I killed the Salt Giant yeseterday and also got turned around rewards…

same issue,


Playing male striker receiving female martial artist armor. is there any way for you to fix this bug then swap the wrong armors from our accounts so the grinds weren’t wasted?

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So this has been reported multiple times and throughout multiple channels of communications with various teams.

Can we please have an update on the issue?


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