Man what is it about this game

All the posts are about p2w , f2p , latest patch you cant reach or honing chances etc

Isnt there anyone just like how you explode them zombies?

Pounding dudes?

That sensation when a low chance honing goes dadada daa

And the timely counterattacks those i love damn. Everytime i get the game to write ‘’ Sirfartsalot ‘’ has successfully counterattacked …

Any of you like the war scene at first act with lord of the rings wibe?

And when you get your random party through an abyss dungeon? Even if you had to teach them all the mechanics?

Well i am old but still try to play games, join forums to read about them. This might be the forum that i enjoy the least . All seem to be whining or throwing dirt on others who play different or pay for some advancement.

Yesterday i saw someone point out that we could mouse scroll the honing material numbers to see if it doesnt show ‘‘thanks stranger’’

Yeah i play cause i like how it plays. Still have my goals to finish some day.

What i do you may ask. I am tier 3 1400. Yeah i whaled my hones tons of times . It was a part of the game for me.

And if i didnt like it, i just wouldnt play .

Thanks for anyone who reads or contributes the topic.

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