Manual name refreshes will be a boon to bots

First off, I am not talking about the bots named “dkljflowero2wjv2” who exist to play a game. I am talking about the capacity for someone to automate creating and deleting characters to lock out names. Maybe they do it for trolling, or maybe they do it to block desired names. Even with automation it would be easy to spam create basic preset warriors to lock out names. Regardless, this is a massive vulnerability in the decision made to manually refresh locked names at unknown times.

I have never heard of a game that tries to manually refresh names. A F2P game can have far too many names being generated for a person to reasonably control it themselves. Even the other regions don’t do this! If name squatting is a concern, there are other avenues that can be taken to encourage people to either play or remake a character. Maybe they have to play or remake a character or else the name goes away.

I don’t see this manual refresh system lasting long. It will be chaotic for AGS to handle. It is a bad decision and I would like to see it changed to the KR/RU style.


i agree with you there. manual refresh is not a good idea and i hope it won’t last for long. and same for the type of people who would do that intentionally to lock out names. that’s so terrible…


Although I agree this system is stupid, I really don’t see how it’s connected to boting. People program bots to do things that help them in some way. And I will admit trolling is something that some people inexplicably enjoy. But trolling someone you have no contact with, will never know about, and who will never know you trolled them in a way they aren’t even aware of, believing instead their name was taken by another real player? Why in the world would anyone create a bot program to annoy people they’ve never met in a way they’ll never become aware of?

The naming system is stupid. But it has nothing to do with bots.

I always thought that it was put in place to stop name selling (RMT). But there’s a super simple workaround for people who want to buy/sell names - make new Steam account, buy bronze pack for super cheap, grab names, sell the entire account.

Like I said in another post before, if stopping RMT was the point of this system, I don’t think it’ll make a big impact on name selling and RMT, rather it’ll just piss off your actual player base.

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Like I mentioned in the post it doesn’t technically have to be automated, could just be dedicated individuals sowing chaos. Which, knowing the internet, will absolutely happen. If there is a loophole in a poorly-designed system, such as this naming system, people will definitely exploit it if only to cause chaos and get people angry.