Many players are cheating through the Chaos Dungeon to reach 1460, Is this Fair to normal players?

To give you a better understanding of how they cheat, check out my other post

Many players are cheating through the Chaos Dungeon to reach 1460, Is this Fair to normal players?

They farm Chaos Dungeon 24 hours and get unlimited resources. What’s even scarier is that when Valtan comes, they can exchange all the Relic Accessories. They even put their “Achievements” on social media to show off.

When an average player spends hundreds of hours reaching 1415, what will they think when they see this?

To make it more clear, those cheaters are not only running one account, they are running muiltiple accounts and transfer these tradeble materials to their main account.

(The language in the picture is not English. However this is American server, those cheaters can use language script to translate game language to their language)

Has AGS noticed this issue? @Roxx

AGS should do a survey to see how many real players are using chaos dungeon merchant.


the problem is, they use AHK which is insanely difficult to detect. so even if they did something more, they likely wouldnt catch these people.

What is AHK?

Auto Hotkey

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one simple solution, Set a limit for T3 Chaos Dungeon Merchant


Pretty sure there is one it is 99/99

The vendor isn’t very effective to grind as a real player since the cost of goods goes up with each purchase. It seems like it was intended to be there for rounding out some mats to get a tap in, but not so much to power level with.

I mean if you got the time and patience to sit there for hours on end grinding CDs by all means go for it, but most people would burn out after 10 runs with how lucrative it honestly is.

The better solution imo is make the vendor materials Roster Bound, and all mats that drop after your 2 runs as well be Roster Bound. This would mainly hurt the bots, and like a handful of people who should probably see some grass.



how about no, I manually farm these all the time. how about instead do something else rather than killing one of the few rewarding repeatable activities. besides it wouldnt change the fact that they can still farm 24/7 and gear up faster than real players can.


also this
99 is max

I think there is only 1 out of 10000 real people who can buy all materials from Chaos Dungeon Merchant


that doesn’t matter in the slightest. also there IS a cap. its 99

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This is what it is gonna look like when Valtan comes. By the way, the letter “SB” means “Fool” in the cheater’s native language and they post this on social media to laugh at normal players who work so hard to get 1415.


Yes. Something needs to be done about infinite chaos. It benefits mainly botters who use chaos dungeon bots to farm infinite materials everyday, every week, 24/7. The benefit for botters outweighs the benefits for regular players. This needs to be addressed.



Do you even know how Infinite Chaos works? Have you researched it at all? You can only buy items 99x times AND the price doubles and sometimes even quadruples with every purchase on each item. If I remember correctly Guardian Stones are like 10 > 40 > 70, etc. And buying them 99 times means you get 990 Unbound Guardian Stones a week for grinding hours of Infinite Chaos Dungeons. Big Pog

“Unlimited resources”


Yes I know how it works. Doesn’t change anything I said. Look at the countless screenshots of botters showing off their hoards of materials they get for free, running a chaos dungeon bot for 24/7 , 0 effort.

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Okay. And how are bots actual “players” then? I know that there are actual players who run bots and scripts but we don’t classify them as “players” anymore after they do that. Also it’d be funny if they’re waiting for a time where these people get really far into the game and then just perma ban them so they have even more wasted effort and money rather than banning them now.

In any case if somebody runs Infinite Chaos legitimatelly every day for 12 hours then I don’t care if they buy out the vendor. I have better things I could do with all that time instead and I’m not fussed over a few more hits they’d get on armor with that weekly.

clearly you dont because the VAST majority of those mats are NOT from the vendor. inf chaos still drops mats, just at a lower rate

The MAX stones you can get weekly from the vendor is 990. period.

How about you running 20 t3 characters and grinding it 24/7 ? And have you count all the leapstones, solar blessing, solar protection?

That makes a difference


Nice you are just proving my point at how many runs these bots are doing 24/7. Thanks. They buy out the shop every week and will continue to have free mats to spare. They cost no money to run, they are free to run bot program. Bot accounts can stack and there can be hundreds of these bots doing the same thing at the same time. Materials from vendor are unbound.


But the mats you get from the runs themselves are CHARACTER BOUND. They can’t SELL those?

Ilvl for bots literally doesn’t matter unless you’re gonna try to do Legion Raids in Matchmaking which literally EVERYONE says you shouldn’t do cause you’re just gonna waste your time and bots will never get into Party Finder groups. Also even in Matchmaking most they can do is AFK and therefore make the raid not completable.

yes, they do. they buy those 990 stones every week. where do you think the rest come from? huh? they are actual drops and BOUND. if you are really so hard up to remove resources from bots then just make inf chaos only drop silver and the shop item. done

This really isnt that complicated and for all your moaning you clearly have zero idea how things work