Many skills / cards / engravings / etc are translated poorly

As the topic says, many of the modifiers in these categories give little to no indication of how they change your character. I believe the set bonus on some cards literally just say “+6%”…

+6% what?

Modifying your skills is very confusing as well, personally from trying bard and paladin I noticed very few skills were clear in their function besides simple changes like increased damage, or reduced mana cost. Paladin has many skills that are affected by a light guardian, but it also goes by a different name in some of the skills? Or it actually IS a different thing? Unclear.

I understand many translation / localization improvements are already included for the full launch, and some more may get added down the road. I just wanted to emphasize some of the things players may deem to be a higher priority than changing the phrasing for text in various places throughout the story. We all want to understand how we’re making our characters!

Thanks for all you’ve done!