Map scammers need to be banned

So I was just in a party that was map scammed by the player “Quanfu” Everybody in the party filled out reports, but that’s all we’re really able to do. The only evidence I’m really able to get is scrolling up in the chat to see that this player was getting loot from our maps, but they then logged out as soon as it was their map. I’ve heard that this is grounds for getting your account banned in other regions, and I’d really like to see the same in NA/EU. If players heard that this type of thing was bannable I think that would greatly discourage it from happening in the first place.


I have a bunch of evidence of a map scammer from my server too, though I’m wondering if it’s even worth making a post about it? Does AGS care at all? I’m unsure if they’ve ever responded on the topic so far.

If you actually pay money to join a map, you really shouldn’t

Would you do it in RL?

It’s a scam unless you absolutely trust the person

Neither of us paid money to join a map, we were in groups sharing secret maps with eachother then the person scamming loots 2 or 3 of the groups maps and when it gets to their turn they just leave.

again, you shouldn’t trust strangers.


Every player agreed to terms amazon games code of conduct - map scamming definitely falls under "Griefing, and “Defrauding” and thus should be a bannable offence.


My group just got scammed by him today. So they still are not doing anything. He got 3 maps then just Disconnected. We need a Discord or something where we can black list people for this stuff if they are not going to do anything.

No, the fault isn’t on the person getting scammed it’s on the scammer - map groups are a large part of endgame community interaction, and scamming other players this way needs to be ban-able here like it is in Korea.


thats kinda sad that this person can still play 4 days later and still able to scam people,

i’ve been scammed too (by a different person) and this just means that probably nothing happened after 3 of us reported him

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He will get 24h or 3 days ban do u think somebody care ? Report it and ignore there is nothing we can do.

I mean if we have a Valtan server discord. People could get map scamming black listed. I dont know tho. It could also be used for malicious reasons. so its a double edged sword.

Apparently map scammers are a pretty big problem in KR too, last LOA ON I think they said they’d look to roll out some option to prevent that (ie. allow everyone to “consume” their map and enter the same dungeon for 4x loot or something)

Got got scammed by the same player. Seems to be a repeat offender.

TBH I don’t think scamming should be bannable because I consider it to be “emergent gameplay”. It’s fun to have community managed blacklists. Player driven drama makes the game more interesting.

It is bannable in this game though.

Our group was scammed by him just now.

@Roxx This is ridiculous

Maybe we could do it whitelist style instead of black list.

Show evidence that everyone on the group did the right thing, then get put on a Valtan map sharing white list. If someone acts dodgy in the future, they get removed.

When whitelisted we could add the people to a custom Global Chat, specifically for map sharing

Makes it harder to abuse but still some work to look people up on the list each time.

This is what we did on our server! When some can be shown to be trustworthy, they are added to a global chat, one for T1-T2 and another for T3. Almost 40 members on both and sharing maps is both fast, and safe.

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Can we get an official word on whether or not you are held accountable for agreements you make with other players in game, or it is OK to scam others specifically in the case of agreeing to a map rotation and then leaving on your turn.

Would really appreciate some clarity, thank you.

bruh, I’m just hoarding my maps till they implement a fix :frowning: