Map Sharing System as clarified by AGS Support Specialist

I would like to begin with one request, please keep comments and replies civil, as this post is intended to be informative.

Please continue to use the Map Sharing System to avoid map scammers. I have a feeling what happened to me is a special case.

Map sharing with 3 other players guarantees you 1 map’s worth of rewards with an increased chance of additional rewards. So you can receive the bare minimum reward of 1 map’s worth of loot when using the Map Sharing System with 3 other players as explained by a member of AGS Support.

I did a ilvl 1330 (South Vern) Legendary Map with 3 other players and we each received 1 Creation Fragment, 1-3 Honor Shard Pouch (L) and 1 Epic/Legendary Engraving Book. I thought this was a bug as each of us received 1 Legendary Map’s worth of loot each and decided to contact Support to see if my suspicions were correct. My suspicions were supposedly wrong.

To repeat the tl;dr, and as confirmed on record with the Support Agent, if you wish to maximize the minimum rewards from a Secret Map party, you should run each map individually like we did before the map sharing qol system was implemented. If you use the qol system, you can potentially get less than the minimum rewards for 4 individual maps which happened to me and all 3 of my other party members at the same time.

I have various other opinions and questions like why would the game developers implement a quality of life system to combat map scamming but reduce bare minimum rewards allowing the chance for multiple players to receive less than 2 maps worth of loot but I wish to keep things civil. Below are my chat logs with AGS Support Agent as well as Screenshots of loot received by myself and the other party members.

My Conversation with AGS Support Specialist
You are now connected to Andres from

Me [3:11:38 AM] : Issue: Lost Ark - In-game issues : Missing Items

Andres [3:11:45 AM] : Hello, my name is Andres. I’m here to help you today.

Me [3:11:53 AM] : Hi how’re you doing today

Andres [3:12:08 AM] : Hi!,Tell me are you contacting us about Lost Ark or New World?

Me [3:12:13 AM] : Lost Ark

Andres [3:12:30 AM] : Great thanks, tell me how may I help you today?

Me [3:13:17 AM] : I just finished a ilvl 1330 Legendary Map with 3 other ppl (who all had maps) but I only got rewards for 1 map’s worth

Me [3:13:28 AM] : Is this a bug or something?

Andres [3:15:59 AM] : Oh I see, I totally understand, sincerely about this, I recently did some research, it happens that the map rewards even legendary work with a % of drop that might give 1 or more bags honing stones at the end.

Andres [3:18:00 AM] : It will give you the reward that is for sure, but it might be 1, 2, or 3x bags might or not count the other maps, I had the same question before but I have sincerely escalated cases about this and the response I got was that it depends on this % of drop rate or similar system.

Me [3:18:06 AM] : All 4 players in the party getting only 1 Epic/Legendary Book, 1 Creation Fragment each, etc?

Andres [3:21:11 AM] : That is correct. What normally is stocked are the bags but it might be they give just 1 as well or more. Depends on luck, sincerely I do not have the exact details of the distribution but as I have researched seems to be the case.

Andres [3:23:38 AM] : We’ve been idle for 2 minutes, and I want to make sure our chat’s still connected. If you aren’t able to respond in 2 minutes, this chat will close.

Me [3:23:44 AM] : I find it hard to believe that out of every 1330 Legendary map I ran, each player got 4 Creation Fragments and suddenly in my run just now, I only got 1.

Me [3:24:08 AM] : And I’m currently contacting with the other ppl in my party to confirm numbers.

Andres [3:25:14 AM] : That is how the system works for the maps, also please notice we do not have a manual way to grant this unfortunately as we do not have the tools to do so.

Me [3:26:17 AM] : Well answer me this since you know exact numbers on bags. How many bags do I normally get for 1 map.

Andres [3:28:21 AM] : You get 1 bag, might 2 or 3 but this depends on luck mostly. Of course having the 4 maps increases the chances but not a guaranteed for more than 1x

Me [3:28:33 AM] : Okay I got exactly 2 bags.

Me [3:29:34 AM] : So if each Legendary Map guarantees minimum 1 bag and I got 2, it means I’m missing at least 2 Maps worth of loot correct?

Andres [3:32:48 AM] : Correct, you got the guaranteed bag and 1x more. The guaranteed loot is from your map so you got it. the other people maps will lets say increase the % of getting more but not guarantees those bags at a 100%

Me [3:35:32 AM] : Okay here’s the thing. Me and everyone in my party received between 1 to 3 bags. Furthermore, from what I gathered, every single one of our maps were expended.

Me [3:35:32 AM] : Now I highly doubt SG would implement the whole map sharing system to give less than the minimum of 4 maps when all 4 party members share their map and expend it to enter the shared dungeon.

Me [3:36:12 AM] : So does this confirm that each of us are missing loot/items.

Andres [3:41:33 AM] : Correct, between 1 and 3 bags, so everyone got the guaranteed bag for the map they have used. some got lucky and got more than the 1 guaranteed. I would not know how to explain that it is not guaranteed that if you used 4 maps you will get 4 of each items. I would not know neither how to make you believe me in something I am explaining you as an specialist, so let me ask you might there be anything else I can help you with besides this? Also as explained that we do not have a way to grant this as the rewards are automated and depends on drop rates/luck.

Me [3:42:47 AM] : Yeah I know you can’t issue any replacement items and such. I just want to know 3 things.

Me [3:42:58 AM] : 1: Is this a bug that occurred to me?

Andres [3:44:50 AM] : Got you, in that case no, it is not a bug or so that is the system or mechanic for that loot.

Me [3:46:51 AM] : 2: Okay. Is the map sharing system intended to give less than the bare minimum of loot when maps are ran separately?

Andres [3:48:21 AM] : No, it will give minimum 1 of each of the rewards, if you run it with others it might give more than 1 though, lets say each map increases that rate.

Me [3:50:19 AM] : 3: So this means it is better to run each map separately?

Me [3:51:26 AM] : To maximize the minimum loot I receive.

Andres [3:53:44 AM] : This one would me my personal opinion, and I understand you totally on this, I would suggest to do it with others of course for the +% rate but if you do them solo you will have the rewards for sure x1

Me [3:56:13 AM] : Alright sorry for lying as this is the 4th question. Are you willing to have everything said in this conversation to be on record and be used in a forum post to inform other players of how the map sharing system works?

Andres [3:57:55 AM] : Of course, also this might help to bring attention to the devs in case this might be worked or if needed corrected of course. I just let you know how it is at the moment, and as I was able to research about this secret map system.

Me [3:58:15 AM] : Okay thank you for your time

Andres [3:58:56 AM] : Thanks for bringing this to us, I will of course send this feedback, let me know if I can help with anything else, mote than glad.

Andres [3:59:06 AM] : more*

Andres [4:02:31 AM] : I’ll be sending you a follow up e-mail about our conversation. If you need further assistance, please contact us again.

Andres has left the conversation.

My Rewards

Seems kinda dumb they would introduce an inti scam measure to then limit your potential drops anyways. You would have been better off being scammed by one person.