March prime rewards?

I can’t see them on the website. are they going to be available?

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Oh yeah, i don’t see anything about lost ark anymore on the prime gaming page.

its not march

It is now

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I looked a couple hours ago and couldn’t even find the expired Feb. reward. I hope they’re not discontinuing these for one of their flagship games. @Roxx Any word on this, please?


I’ve reached out to the team regarding this.


We’ll have new Prime Gaming rewards and Twitch Drops for March coming a bit later in the month :slightly_smiling_face:

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What do you mean later in the month? It’s usually at the start of the month, right?
(Could just be me taking them at the start idk)

We had a penguin suit a couple of weeks back, so a month on from that will place it later into march.

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So this means Artist will be available the last week of March too?

Please once put back the LED glasses :smiling_face:

If the penguin suit was out two weeks ago, a month from then is two weeks from now, with twitch drops too, it’s all consistent with the patch being on the 15th, so fingers crossed, not the last week of march.

This is somewhat funny. I cannot find trough search for Lost Ark in Prime Gaming :thinking:

thank you for the info n.n

I don’t have prime, but what other people have said they have started to stragger the rewards around the month, so they are more like weekly rewards. They will last a month, but the new ones will come weekly.

Thank you for the update!

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