March update for honing and stuff

So guys when do u think the big update will be? The one connected to the buff of the honing cause if its near i think it will be better for my nerves to wait it out :smiley:

The honing update will come much later in the future bro… its not in for the next update its a catchup in KR right now an were way behind this. Chill and gear up ^^

Potentially going to be this month. They want people geared up for argos which is supposed to drop this month assuming it isnt delayed.

I don’t think it will be with the Argos-update, because there was no announcement for that.
I think it will happen when we have about 60-70% of the T3 content of korea.

Or they just buff honing chances of T1/T2 with Argos, not T3.

I think it will be like that which will be good ita too much of a time sink t1,t2 just for not needed content. When will the Argos patch drop?

You dont know, he doesnt know. And looks like Smile Gate and Amazon also dont know, since they are delaying the roadmap.
The honning update can come tomorrow or in 6 months. Anyone claiming to know better is just a fool.

They dont know a lot of stufd seen from the release fiasco but yea updates from today to tomorrow are not nice. A lot of ppl spent a lot of time honing and if the update is close its a waste of time. They should do a normal roadmap or atleast some plan overview for several months…

It doesn’t need changes ?

Get some alts, funnel
Some mats… finish a tier on 1 char then use stronghold to give honing boosts/cost reduction to alts…

All i know is that its not healthy for the game to have players frustrated and stuck in T1 and T2 due to bad RNG.
Its also not healthy for the game to have Argos coming out with only heavy spenders being ready for it in the near future.

Smile Gate and Amazon have a delicate situation in their hands, whatever they decide in the next days will anger/upset a group of players. The question is, they will take a piss on the 1% or the 99%?

My account is currently Argos ready and I haven’t spent a dime other then founders pack. While I do agree they may be releasing content too soon, as it seems its causing people to get fomo. However I also don’t think they should buff honing rates for anything except maybe tier 1. There is no point to blitz through tiers when we have very little T3 content actually in the game atm.

Of course people will want to blitz through T1 and T2 when T3 is already open, its human nature 101.
If they wanted people to spend some time in T1 or T2, they should have realeased just T1 or T2.
One thing is to fail to get 600 for days when there is only T1 avaliable, another thing is to fail to get 600 for days when 1370+ is avaliable. Its not fomo, its frustration, people feel like the game is holding them back when they arent even at endgame.
It was a bad call from Smile Gate and Amazon to release T3 without the honing update. Launching without the honing update only makes sense if they intended to release the Tiers one at a time.