March Update - Issues Update

Greetings Heroes of Arkesia,

We appreciate your reports of issues encountered following yesterday’s March “The Art of War” Update. Our teams are actively working through these issues, and the following updates have been made so far:

Royal Crystal Purchases Failing

  • Some players have experiencing errors when trying to purchase Royal Crystals. We are working on a root-cause fix for this issue, but in the meantime please ensure you are taking the following steps:
    • Players should make sure that the Steam Overlay is turned on. You can find this in Steam’s options by clicking through Steam → Settings → In-Game - “Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game”.
    • If the Steam Overlay does not immediately appear when attempting to make a purchase, please wait at least 1 minute before attempting to re-click the “Buy Now” button. It is important to avoid spam clicking, as this can cause the system to think you are attempting multiple consecutive purchases. While you won’t be charged for these clicks, this flag may further slow your ability to make a cash purchase in-game.

Korean VO DLC Fix

  • Players using the Korean VO DLC will see a small download to their game. This requires no downtime, and will address multiple audio and textual bugs as well the missing sound effects for the Berserker’s Brave Slash and Overdrive skills.

We are also working on fixes for several UI issues, and are aiming to have these resolved in our next weekly update.

Additionally, as compensation for our extended downtime that occurred with the update, players will also receive the following items in their Product Inventory.

  • Crystalline Aura (3 days) x1
  • Aura of Resonance Recovery Elixir (14 days) x1
  • Collective Battle Item Gift Chest x1

Thank you for your patience!