Mari can't visit stronghold

Some people (including me) can’t visit their own stronghold on Mari server. I can visit some other strongholds though.


Mari server here, and I also cannot get to my stronghold. Other people cannot visit mine either.

Just tested and I cannot sail either.

Same here, sang the song and just stay right where I am not being able to go to my own stronghold. But I’m able to join other people’s stronghold.

I can visit my stronghold but cannot go to any island.

edit: nm, i can visit islands and can no longer go to my stronghold

Is there any word on if they are aware of this issue?

me too, have not been able to visit my own (and other friends haven’t been able to visit mine but we can go to theirs) for the last few hours

dont bother verifying game files or reinstalling, neither work. itll have to be fixed on server end

And again usual silent from Amazon games, great.

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having the same issue, hopefully it gets fixed soon

Adding my name to this list

Same, Cannot get to stronghold, triports don’t work sometimes and even trying to use the Riff fails… on any character. did the integrity check.

Just tried to do my adventure island at oblivion isle and got disconnected immediately. Problematic on all characters, in group content, and in solo content (chaos dung.)

Same issue as others, cannot enter islands or strongholds. Judging by chat it’s an extremely widespread bug over the past 6 hours.

Same problem, Mari server, haven’t been able to access my stronghold all day long ><

same;; me too

i cannot visiit my stronghold;;

Same, it’s been like this all day. Please give Mari a reboot this is frustrating ><

same. cant go to stronghold

Same here. Character pck .

I created a web account because that where they say to report bugs and then i can’t report any bugs. I can’t reach my stronghold in Mari either and I’d like to report a bug! Fix it!