Mari has insane Load times again

Mari dying pls halp

edit for update


Can confirm. Took forever to get into Boss Rush and the two players from Valtan were already on wave 4. The other Mari player loaded in a little after me.


Lol why is it always Mari?


3 minutes to do 1 lopang location

Some bot farm prolly decided to make 50k bots on mari


Seriously. That’s what I was asking in area chat earlier. When the servers decide to struggle, it’s always Mari.

cant even log onto the server now :pensive:

If you’re trying to do anything I recommend to not queue into anything you can’t do solo as other servers are not aware and you might be kicked for inactivity and lose out on potential daily loot.

Look at steamcharts, the bots came roaring back.


Bot farms finished installing the 28gb update lmao

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they are indeed back in full force Smoge

Hopefully it’s resolved in tonight’s maintenance.

When this happens their solution is to gut capacity and we get 10k queues at peak hours.

Hey all! I’m currently chatting with the team to let them know to look into it. Thank you for your patience!

Hello, thank you :slight_smile: we’re all just praising Nia Village Theme song on loop.

Currently in the longest load time, 6 mins in.

Yes sir insane amount of them grouped up in Luterra


I know they are looking into it but unfortunately I cannot play like this. Surprised since it was fine this morning. Guess I miss a day of farming for main and alts. Hopefully fixed by tomorrow.

While it is frustrating I’m just sailing by while watching a stream and reading up on stuff, it’s frustrating for sure at least there is a rest system after all.

Good thing I Never buy things at Mary’s shop

Even that has a stupid long load time when trying to claim items :frowning: