Mari Random Restarts + No Diligence

Issues happen… but when you restart Mari at peak time Sat! there should be some minimal diligence.

  1. Sat 5pm. Hop in, start Hypnos Una, stuck on loading screen.
  2. Kill process. Wait 3min, Restart (another 2min), log-in: “An error has occurred and game is closing”
  3. Restart again… “You are logged in, multiple attempts to log will get you access restricted”
  4. Stop playing… Go do something else

Sat 5:50pm, try to play AGAIN (1h later). Finish Una, notice Chaos Gate time and enter it (with dozens of peeps waiting for gate), game exits mid Chaos. Then, I notice message on bottom (server restart 6pm for 30min).

How does this reflect “Customer Obsession”??? This is a really bad experience.

  1. Why do you allow peeps to start daily events they’ll lose with your restart? e.g. why not pause all timed events 30min before a restart?
  2. Isn’t there a better solution then every time there’s an issue we restart? That’s like Windows 98.
  3. Why is there something that blocks my access if it thinks I’m trying to log in while already logged in? Most games would just cut old connection and start a new one. This system appears to have a 5min time out which is crazy long.
  4. If all the above is hard, and maybe it’s a long term solution. Why not a short term solution? e.g. just restart the daily flags for any events that had started and not finished, or just traverse your logs for anything that started 5min before reset and did not finish.

Anyway, the cost of losing a Chaos is not huge: ~4x map runs, rift shards, gold, and others. But the effect of me not being able to complete it due to an aws isue just makes us feel bad!

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Mari has been a broken mess since yesterday evening. I lost my main’s chaos dungeon this morning because the server randomly kicked me. I’ve been booted numerous times through ot the day today. The server goes down for maintenance and the server is still incredibly unstable…


And right now no one can connect to it…

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