Mari Server 16k Queue

WTB functional dev team, PST



11k queue on shandi - at least 2 hours wait

17k queue… just got off work… what in the actual fk is going on these days… soo iriitating


10k on Enviska too :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone, your feedback is important. AGS and SG will take a look at the data for review and get back to you

:rofl: :rofl: yeah … okayyyy … they dont give no f***s at all


Just log in 2 hours b4 u actually want to play. Ez pz lemon squeezy

2 hours isn’t even enough lol. I’ve been in queue for 2 hours and 20 minutes and I am still not in. Probably have another 20-30 minutes left.

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i just worked a 12hr shift… cant just “login” 2 hrs before wanting to play lol

Yea its pretty bad, saw someone with an 19k queue lol. They could ip restrict perhaps 1 per client or something.

@Shadow_Fox We really do need a response on these queues. Is it possible to lock the servers from new accounts from joining in some way? This is absolutely ridiculous and there’s hours prior to be playing the game.

There has to be a way that something can be done. This is absurd.

1 client per ip would help I would imagine. Or even one client per mac address if they really wanted to get down and dirty.

One of the others said in another thread they won’t lock “new players from the game” hahaha.

Akkan is currently 13k at 1100 PM on a Sunday Night, what a joke. Every time they ban bots they make the problem worse.

One client per IP would fuck me over, my daughter also plays on her computer.

They need to lock “new players from the game” on existing servers and ban a wave of bots. Allow for the “new players” to join the game in a new server with the intent to merge later.

This is 4am server time. You’re actually shitting me.


Had 12k queue, closed game and played something else. If this keeps up real players are going to leave in droves and not come back.

This is a fact.

This is 100% a fact.

Players are not going to continuously wait hours to log in.

  1. Reset the server at random intervals. I dont care if it annoys people, it will boot off bots. There is usually a 12-24 hour period in which the servers are “clean”
  2. L O C K THE SERVERS from new accounts. I don’t care if “new players can’t play” - The present ones can’t play. Create new servers for “new players” and merge them later.
  3. BAN. BAN. BAN. B A N. Permanently any players caught in any amount of RMT through third party. BAN. No one wants them here. They made their choice. Get them out.
  4. Ban waves of bot accounts AFTER THE SERVERS ARE LOCKED will mean that in the future only legitimate players are left
  5. Merge servers