Mari Server 16k Queue

The entire weekend I couldn’t play because of the que. My time is valuable and this game doesn’t respect that. I’m not planning the rest of my day around sitting in a que. I tried to play again this morning and the que is at 14k at 540 on a Monday morning. Time for a Steam review.

Couldnt get on all weekend because of que and now 15k this morning on Mari

Not DEV, but more like implementation or server team, but still I think that this is the end.

Or just upgrade the damn servers so they can handle the load good god man come on already with this big queue. 13k queue on a monday morning is ludicrous.

This is a bad take. The server sizes are fine, it’s the bots filling the server and using the capacity immediately that is the issue. If they increase the maximum number of players that can play they just increase the number of bots that will be connected and you will still have a queue.