Mari server lots of bots

Since last week, I see more bots then players everywhere. (especially near the wandering merchants, and of course 10k+ queue at prime time)

I can’t even go to Alakkir island anymore. Last time I entered Alakkir, I had to SOLO kill the boss for 15 minutes… (I wasn’t even late to the island) everyone who entered Alakkir were bots, and they left after they got the rapport item…

We are losing players every day, and we get more bots every day… Please fix the bot issue for the players who love lostark, and please take it seriously… please.

There are even multi-boxing sorc groups in Punika on Mari, now. Just came across this while leveling my alt.

Hope they fix it soon. I haven’t been able to log in at all today because the queue was longer than I could wait.

I think it’s great that AGS/Smilegate have been taking steps against bots but the obvious ineffectiveness of their attempts seriously brings into question their actual capability of resolving the botting situation

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I would happily have to type in some Captcha stuff every time I play than sit in a queue overloaded with bots for an hour or two.

Oh yeah, I just love seeing the quality of this game when it looks like this and it’s the reason why we have 10k+ queue number and. AND… GET this…

The game randomly crashes on you, (like it has during Chaos Dungeons in the past, OH WELL YOU GET NOTHING for the day) but now, you have to wait for 2 hours to get back in, because the bots are out of control.

I would honestly prefer they shut everything down and address it properly than just leave us with this hot garbage that gets progressively worse day by day.


Normally I’d be against hard shutting down a game but it’s gotten to the point where even I’m on board.


I am done with this game. Someone let me know when it’s fixed.

i would say an active gm or player support with a meassage spam chek in game where it simply says how are you doing with a noticable differnt name tag icon so you know to respond
then kick offline if no response bots dont respond

Rabbit army is strong

Second this. Mari is a West Coast server and at 0400 this morning had a 10k queue.

Yup I’m on Mari server too. 10k queue is usually 1hour+… this is insane

it’s just ridiculous

if they don’t fix this issue, we will continuously lose real players… I feel like I’m playing offline solo RPG game lol.

Yep all that VPN blocking has definitely made a dent lul @Roxx