Mari Server Maintenance?

Was playing with friends and all of us disconnected at the same time? Now it says under maintenance? what happened?

Mari started struggling about 12ish hours ago as if it was overloaded. Even after hotfix maintenance this issue persisted the minute you could log in. I’m sure this is why, but who knows anymore.

honestly wtfffffffffffffff

But without any notification? some of us were in Chaos Dungeons

Apparently, I was min/maxing my alts engravings and accs when it went down without warning, like usual.

That’s not true, there was a warning on the screen saying that a maintenance would start in 45 seconds…

Jokes aside I was about to start a Boss Rush, I’m glad I didn’t X_X

I’ll be honest, with my UI I don’t notice those tickers. A scrolling ticker at the top would be nice, especially if they made it stand out somehow. :thonk:

They only gave a ten minute heads up, and then took down the servers almost 2 mins before their announced time. Amazon truly proving to be consistent clowns in everything they endeavor.

They did announce, there was a timer, the only thing they did wrong was showing it with tiny letters. They should start doing this announcements like Black Desert, in the mid top of the screen with big letters.

That’s odd, all 4 of us didn’t see anything…

Its always Mari…im transferring off this server the first opportunity i get…next year…lol

I did not see a notice at all…how long is this maintenance suppose to last? wtf was in the middle of guardian

it was 2 times i lose chaos dungeon run because of urgent maintenance , and this is really annoying. what the heck is wrong with this

I actually took a printscreen to show my guild members since we decided to run Valtan later today:

It was only 45 seconds warnings

I have never sworn so much at a server selection screen

Yea, that is really fucked up

50,000 gold compensation!!!