Mari Shop Theorycrafting

I’m in no way good at economics, but wondering what you guys thought might happen if Mari’s shop set the price of items to a gold price instead of blue crystals? Like what if it was always a percentage discount compared to the average market price of the item?

For example, if great honor leaps are 100g and if the point of Mari’s shop is to provide daily opportunities for cheaper mats (otherwise if it’s more expensive than the market there’s no point), then maybe it’ll be a 20% discount at 80g each on Mari.


  • Can get a daily supply of cheaper mats
  • Rewards players who play every day and save up


  • Potential FOMO from feeling like you need to buy from Mari constantly (but why not? It’s useless otherwise imo)


How about you providing me stuff for monopoly dolars?

What? Lol


Looking for more constructive discussion here but thank you for your input have a nice day :smiley:

mari shop blue crystal adjusts itself for inflation. flat gold cost will not adjust itself for inflation so will not work.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking when I was planning on originally suggesting a flat cost, but then I thought of a percentage discount based on marketplace average price–wouldn’t that also adjust for inflation?

not all items in mari is not available in marketplace. so adjusting price based on marketplace won’t work as well

Hmm that’s true, how about only the items that are on the marketplace then?