Mari WestCoast - 6k Quene 9am EST - FIX THE BOTS

I picked a west coast server because I’m living on the east coast & i find it alleviates having to deal with long queues during peak hours to play this game. Most of the time it has been great with no queue but as of recently no matter what time i log in to play there is a 6000-17000 queue to play. How can a company this large not be able to remedy the bot problems obviously plaguing this game. Not to mention its driving quality players to other games and throwing this one in the trashcan. I have been very close to dropping this game all together as if i get disconnected or step away for food i end up back in queue waiting hours & missing important timed dailies. Not to mention there have been very poor compensation for not being able to play this game & poor development feedback on the plaguing bot issues. Add a authenticate program or something to prevent these bots from ruining your game before you lose the minimal player base you have left. Obviously the anticheat software isn’t doing anything & if you’re paying for a product that isn’t delivering anti-cheat to your game why is it even there. Fix it LostArk before you LostAll your player base to bots & RMT.