Mari's Secret Shop Down?

Mari’s Secret Shop is showing it’s down for maintenance. Is this intended? I don’t see any announcements for it.

Yeah, I’m having the same issue. Couldn’t find anything online about it.

Any update on when this will be fixed? It has now been down for at least 6 hours that I am aware of.

Having the same issue here

@Roxx Mari secret shop been down for over 24 hrs or more on Azena. Any updates?

I believe this is related to the ongoing shop issues which are out for a fix

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Still down

This is still down on Regulus. Any update for us? Thanks in advance Roxx!

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There any update on this issue?

It is STILL down. Any ETA on a fix?!


Working on day #2. I neeeeeeed my life energy potions. :crazy_face:

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Still down, its been a couple of days on kharmine, cant believe this isnt a top priority considering this is real income for the company.

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still down on na east as west is working fine. cringe

Can we get an official update on this?

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I swear this shop is down more than it’s up! I like to use the shop, I can’t buy things if it’s always down…

@Roxx do you know if this hotfix might also include the shop issues with NA East?