Mari's Secret Shop (Great/Honor Leapstones)

What is the most wanted item in Mari’s Secret Shop ?
1 Great Honor Leapstrone Listing and 4 Honor Leapstone Listings out of 12 page!
come on , we want to reach 1445
your data is most people have reached 1415 so you want to put content for 1445 (Which I am not against) just open the way for us!

Bots inflate the market ^
Everyone want to reach 1445 before or during the next update^
Mari’s Secret Shop doesn’t give a good amount of Leapstone ^

Leapstone Prices is guaranteed to go up :expressionless:

here is the latest Mari’s Secret Shop pages (on the post’s date)

random shop doesn’t have what i want time to cry


is it random? :wink:

It is random.
There have been plenty of times where they have sold consecutive great honors before.

That’s not the point…

It was said for awhile that Mari’s Shop was good for low/moderate spending players and f2p leeches that it would help keep prices in check within the auction house because they would want to match or come close to the the worth in Mari’s Shop.

Greater Honor Leaps have sky rocketed in price and the fact that Mari’s Shop so rarely ever has them in there isn’t helping bring the prices down. So, what would help is if they start throwing in greater honor leaps far more often in Mari’s Shop.

All in one week by the way.
This isnt even including all the honor leapstones they had as well.

It’s not the game’s fault people are trying to push for Valtan.
It’s a supply/demand shortage.

Mari’s shop has never had to do with providing things based on player market.
It’s never guaranteed to provide a better deal, or be there because of GHL prices going up.
It’s a completely separate thing.

The only time Mari shop changes is because of in game progression, increasing quantity, possibly change prices.

i am guessing that this is intended as leapstones are what most people are being gated by,

besides, there is already a sufficient supply of greater leapstones on the marketplace for you to hone to 1490. you just don’t want to/cannot spend that much gold on it

i wouldn’t even want to be 1445 on valtan release. if you are at 1445 next week, guess what you are going to be doing for the next couple of months? probably on the forums making a post about how you have nothing to do right?

just take your time with honing, not only is valtan hard not going anywhere, you are also not going to be one of the first players to clear it because they’ve already done it in korea japan and russia

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Could just buy the regular ones and convert. Cost is the same as the greater.

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Going by blue crystal prices, Greater Leapstones are around 45 cents a pop. Start swiping.

(I’m joking, please don’t try to do that)

After they had the patch notes w/

  • A few other minor store updates will take place in the April Update. Some item quantities have been adjusted in Mari’s Secret Shop, and a few new Crystal bundles are available in the in-game store.

I’m honestly kind of surprised they didn’t double the amount of great honor leapstones that you can get from the shop. I know for Solar Grace & Protection the amount doubled, but can’t remember what it was before for solar blessing.

For one week that is, nothing. That’s One weapon hone lol.

Yeah, that’s my point hahahahaha. Well cool. :wink:

I mean sooner or later we all will reach that point if you think this way.

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Mari’s shop is not influenced or changed based on player supply market of a resource.
You didnt make a point.
You just did mental gymnastics to push an agenda of wanting more of a resource without paying currently high prices of market.

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wow you got 25 Great Honor Leapstone in one week only!!!
that’s insane man they should nerf Mari’s Secret Shop xD

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I never said it was insane, its just a good value right now.
I have 5 alts to funnel GHL, so technically I get 30-40 a day.

the problem with this argument is, you don’t know how it’s code work
non of us does , so you say it’s random , I say it’s not random , what the point?

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Oh the forum police are here to talk trash for no reason. Get a life


random forum post criticizing my game time to cry

We could go on…

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nobody smart would ever say that. market prices always rise when people want to hone because there is almost always limitless supply in market. also in KR the cost of honor and great honor is the same because there is too much supply after existing for so long.

if you were a good player anyway you would’ve bought a ton of crystals when they were 300g and if you really needed leaps for 1415 you would’ve bought them with foresight. complaining that a random fixed price shop doesn’t have what you want or will match player pricing is just plain stupid.

even if you have the worst luck if you played for like 2h a day on a single character since launch you would be close to 1415 right now without needing to buy crystals. unless, of course, you were inefficient in which case that’s your own fault and not the game.


Mental Gymnastics!!?? For saying adding more greater leaps more often to Mari’s Shop could help with prices? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

What a crazy reach I had huh? Stretch Armstrong guys. Saying injecting more of said materials could help with the low supply and high demand. STRETCH!!! hahahahahaha. Woosh.