Mari's shop isnt worth it anymore (because you don't want to fix the rmt)

As you can see the price of blue crystals (inflated by rmt) makes the price of ghl et hl higher than current market (Big F for the f2p)



You may not want to punish people that do rmt but in the end no one will spend money in your cash shop (as some whales said on the forum), if the only thing they risk is a 3 days ban and a slap on the wrist


I have feeling education isn’t worth it for some time…

But yeah… “fix it! fix it! fix it!”

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Mari little shop is RNG based and only speed up things.

the purple crystals scale with AH items, if items rise those rise too… if you’re smart you bought tons of when it was 500g for 95, then you could profit.

Now everything is balanced.

still Mari shop is good for Reputation chest or extra energy for skilling

Please dont talk about education when you can’t speak english lol :monkey:


Why would it be rng, do you know what rng means ? economy isnt random its based on multiple factors that are both manipulated by the player base and the dev
As someone who played on other versions i agree that the shop is less of a deal here but at the beginning only ags/sgs fcked us, now we must bend over for the rmt community more and more each day :upside_down_face: if you think the price of blue crystals is normal rn you clearly don’t understand how inflation works

The price varies from server to server. Blue crystals are 690 in my server and ghs are 97 gold.

In euc they are pretty much equal

i just did the math on this post for euc that’s why im saying this, you can’t sell ghl and buy from mari’s shop expecting profits now, the price may change tho and it could go down again but rn f2p (and legit spenders) are losing another way to make gold

Its spikes high in the morning for some reason. It can go down to 745 or something.

eh ill still buy the mats

Euc complaining about rmt lol.

Meanwhile the true RMT servers have 700 gold exchange and 100g GHLs.

yeah sorry that we have less inflation than other servers mate, i hope it doesnt bother you if im asking for something thats good for both you and me ?
what kind of smooth brain take is this omg …

btw if the ghl are 100g on the ah and 95 blue crystals cost 700g it means that you can make profits from that, but hey im sorry that we have free math lessons in eu

here’s a little something to help you

My point is RMT has nothing to do with it dumbnut.

Na servers are way more RMT than EU yet we can sell ghl and buy from mari while you cant…

Less RMT/Bots means GHL will go even cheaper so you still wont make profit from mari.

Na server have waaay more rmt yet we have almost same exchange but all EU mats/items are 25-30% cheaper.

yes im not saying that we have it worse than you

what happens if don’t use the gold to crystal system inside the cash shop and let bots inject gold in the economy ? the value of gold goes down, if you gold goes down then everything that you can buy with it goes up, including mari’s shop

Just saying rmt alone isn’t going to fix it. If you guys don’t have many whale, nobody will buy the gold in general so the price will not drop at the same ratio ghl does.

If mari’s worth correlated to rmt, NA would not be able to profit of Mari. But we are

The price difference also has to do with population since euc is much emptier.

well ofc nobody will buy the gold, because you can buy it on a third party website lol

my point is that with less bots we would have it easier both buying from the ah and mari’s shop with the gold we normally generate, na has so much whales that the prices on the ah go up which make selling mats ok (they can’t infinitely buy from mari’s shop) but in the end you get fcked too because you can’t buy from the ah

economy isnt as simple as looking at two numbers
the difference that you saw isnt entirely about one being more rmt than the other its about the whales demands and the supply

sorry it may sound like an argument from authority but im not the only one saying that the economy is fcked by rmt, Zeal talked about it on his stream recently

I have seen first hand how the prices jump based on the RMT in this game.

When the game launched prices were 900g for 95 crystals.

At one point when they hit the bots hard and we got like a week off from them, the prices shot down to 300g for 95… but then sure enough, the bots and RMT came back hard and now prices are pretty much set in stone at 700g for 95 crystals.

It is just a bad joke how much the prices can jump around.

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Good thing those aren’t the only thing they risk.

Mari is good for life shards