Mari's shop needs better prices

Actually Mari’s shop doesn’t reflect market prices at all. AGS is loosing money on this heavily as I doubt anyone is buying the over priced stuff there.

As a reflection gold exchange drop fast is around 550 gold for 95 crystals becouse there is no use for crystals.

Some examples of bad prices.
Prices Mari vs market

150 destruction fragments for 60 crystals = 336 gold vs 15 gold on market
800 guardian fragments for 72 crystals = 403 gold vs 80 gold on marktet

300 destruction stones for 167 crystals = 935 gold vs 120 gold on market
400 guardian stones for 80 crystals = 448 gold vs 280 gold on market

300 destruction stones for 240 crystals = 1344 gold vs 690 gold on market]
800 guardian stones for 240 crystals = 1344 gold vs 1360 gold on market
Honor shards S for 10x 56 crystals = 313 gold vs 340 gold on market

So T3 is barely even mostly worse as well.
Shards, leapstones and some honing chance materials are mostly only good deals.

They should remove those stones and give us more shards and leapstones.
As it is now its huge trap for noobs who can’t check market.

Those are EUC prices.

Sorry but even if they would change Maris these “noobs” still won’t check market, because why should they now when they haven’t done it before?
It’s a pretty naiv expectation that these ppl would change their behaviour.

Actually, Mari shop needs to f go!
All of our issues are caused by AGS wanting us to drop money on that shi every single day. Game progression is currently very limited in game because of Mari shop. They said months ago that our version wasn’t going to be P2W and the shop was going to be reworked, sadly they didn’t do anything and this game is no longer well received here due to that.