Market API when?

We need the market API in EU/NA. With how messed up gold inflation / deflation is right now people are still selling accessories way overpriced because of the popularity of classes. Having access to the API which will allow people to create websites such as to check for the cheapest way to get your engravings without having to use books would be a blessing. Even being able to browse the market while not logged in and potentially buying items would be great.

Is this something that will be added to the road map?


I +1 to wanting this!

Would make buying and crafting decisions much easier. And if there is an API for KR already, the work to adapt it to NA/EU should be doable… atleast if they did not completely change server infrastructures and services :slight_smile:

With how competitive pricing is at the moment it’s insane having to spend hours to find out the cheapest alternative to getting 3331 engravings. It would honestly be a blessing getting access to the API (at this point even if the API is in Korean) just so we could get websites rolling (preferably helping out the original creator of It’s low on the priority list, I get it. But hopefully it gets picked up on the roadmap soon.

+1, hope it comes soon.

Yes, it’s been confirmed to not be available but I would like to see it added to the roadmap.