Market Limit Counter?

If we are going to continue to have limit in play can we at the very least have a counter for how much items we’ve listed throughout the day? Of course I know not everyone hits limit but whenever you have multiple accessories that dont sell, come back the day after and you relist it adds up, then you add on top of a big raiding day and you hit limit before you know it.

I just ran an Argos bus and listed the first 2 pieces only for the 3rd to not go through because I hit a market cap that I wasn’t expecting to hit. At least with a counter I can understand what I can or cant do in the game in terms of trying to sell items.


Hi, Luna! Welcome to the community! I can see how a counter would be beneficial for players. I will be sure to pass this feedback over to the dev team. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve made a post proposing ways to change the 20 listing limit

@Pneuma Could you pass it too please?

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NO NO NO, remove the limit, it have nothing to do ingame, it annoy players and do nothing against bots. How can something what is limiting amount of items posted by roster impact bot accounts when they can simply create as many of them they want? Which genius came with such idea? I guess someone who is not playing the game, just made dumb assumption based on numbers from some report.

It is funny to get MOD replies to stuff like this, but when we want remove the limit you are silent. Stop screwing up great game by your incapability to fight bots in normal ways (like regular banwaves) which have real impact. I never seen in any game, that devs would be so clueless about bots and implement so many trash which is hindering legit players gameplay.


yeah the buy timer and market post limiter is so so so darn bad it took me 2 hours to buy a little fish