Market limit is destroying the game

I have dozens a items I’m back logged on wanting to sell I’m now deleting items with small gold values just to try and maximize my gold income this market limit is pathetic and a mood killer … I’ve already hit cap for today and I have over 40 different engravings/adventure tomb items/materials … assceories worth tryna flog / engraving stones now deleting unless meta or worth hundreds

This stupid market limit is running my gold gains by big amount it’s already a hard game to progress without swiping

Or is that just another trick up there greedy sleeves?

Gold gain removals are always being employed since start with bots as there perfect excuse

Now we limited by amount we can list it doesn’t even give u a count back if u withdraw a item

All this does yet again is encourage u to swipe for gold or shop items but they will keep using bots as there excuse for it


Remember, it’s just temporary.

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7 character rooster here, and I barely have 3 - 5 items for sale WEEKLY.
Stop posting junk.
There are tons of overpriced crap littering AH for weeks now ( like medallions ) so I’m pretty sure that 20 items limit could be even tighter.

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I have 1 character, 0 alts, i cap out my daily sale in the morning since i do alot of stronghold crafting. Maybe you should try that…

12 character roster here (all are 1475+).
I hit limit everyday.
My storage ON EACH CHAR are filled with 30+ items worth selling 200g+ and half of them are meta tripods +5 that certain class use.
AH limit is uber trash
It should be better if it was 10 limit per day per character, not 20 for whole roster


LOL another episode of “this minor thing is destroying the game”. Spoiler: no, no it’s not


Do you even play the game ? 1-5 items wtf

I have 18 characters 3 mains over 1500 I run every chaos /guardian daily all raids even ones without gold earnings besides all other stuff like materials and engraving books/ assceories and stones … how do u get only 1-5 items to sell Ur lieing blatantly or don’t play them daily

Only a handful are worth selling. Are you trying to tell me you drop swift/spec/crit accessories with correct engravings and high quality by running chaos??? Who’s blatanly lying here?

Still dont sell trash for 50-200g ofc ur limit is full because no one is buyinf trash items

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He’s probably one of these guys who keeps posting same junk over and over that never sells and then complaining about 20 items limit.
Remember that people preaching how market is going to die cos nobody posts cheap items anymore??

Well, never happened.

There’s dozen of pages like that, it’s just an example.

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Why is the 20-item limit still here @Roxx ? It was meant to be temporary. It is a nuisance and hurts real players. Please remove it ASAP.


I do not understand why people like you care about “crap littering AH” when there is very advanced filtering, you have 0 reason to come in contact with that. I am also pretty sure that people complaining here do not complain, because we cannot post 3g item…

Regarding fact that you have 3-5 items to sell weekly, well I guess you are lazy or you are not tracking them actively. I have roster of 15 characters, I have on each of them tracking of engravings on items and tracking of tripods on amulets (on all viable specs for that class). I have on my main characters from top 6 now like 10+ items in bag all the time, on less played characters like 5. I cannot post them on auction, because of course majority of them will not sell first time you put them there. That does not make them trash, buyers just chose different item or did not need yours when you had it posted. Imagine e-shop which have only 20-40 items posted, how big chance do you think it is giving them that people will want those specific 20-40 items? For sure smaller than if they would have posted 100 items, because to sell stuff, people have to be able to find it, so you have to be able to post it on AH. I had items for tenths of thousands gold which took weeks to sell, but it was worth it.

I am personally putting on AH just stuff for 500+ gold, and even like that I am hitting that dumb limit every day. Every day I post few gems (7-10), few tripods (4-6), few items (5-10), some consumables and some stuff like engravings or honing materials which I got (and no I am not posting them one by one) and thats it, I am on limit, that easy it is.

Before this stupid limit I did like 120-170k gold weekly in total. Since this limit is out I am on like 100-120k weekly.


Junk seller detected. As soon as you admitted that I stopped reading.
There’s a magic button - dismantle items - use it.

Well that just confirm how ignorant and unaware you are how much is what worth. Maybe you should go check your AH and check how much money did you loose because you are dismanteling stuff worth thousands of gold.

My class medallions won’t even sell for 300g ( 2x 5 level main skills ) so you either found a moron who bought it or playing on some funny region full of bots and RMTers.

I understand real life poverty, but digigng through pile of rubbish looking for scraps in video game is disgusting.

Edit : I bet those players also complaining at 20 items posting limit ( pictures attached )

Wait, you said you have 7 classes? What are they? I would be very surprised if would all of them have cheap tripods. Majority classes have few which can be sold for few thousands. Sure new classes like Reaper or in this case Summoner will go for much more, because people could not transfer lvl 5 tripods when was tripod rework released.

And wtf is this bullshit “I understand real life poverty, but digigng through pile of rubbish looking for scraps in video game is disgusting.” you are commenting here about something for what you obviously feel too fancy. Also… game is giving you pretty good tools especially for tripods to track them and auto-dismantle rest automatically and there is not that many lvl 5 drops, so it is not exactly “digging through pile”.

To your post about many cheap items… I do not care about that, it is normal in every game and those are obviously not players hitting limit, because in that case they would not have slots for such items. It will be probably very casual or new players who are trying to make few golds.

PS: I am EUC so one of biggest datacenters.
PPS: Amulets sold on my Gunlancer (which is not very fancy class) few weeks back. Because of limit I can do this just 1-2x per week, normally I would be selling also tripods for 300g+ (because why not) but because of limit I post just those for 1000g+.

I’ve resorted to shouting in area chat for certain common things if people want to directly trade or pay via mail delivery. This alleviates some of the strain for marketplace goods taking up some of those valuable 20 daily listings.

Classes available since the release.
Since you’re claiming making millions on your precious amulets every day, how about you post a screenshot with your on-sale items so we could end this charade?

I am not claiming to do milions on amulets every day I am claiming that they have decent value and are for sure one of things worth tracking and posting. I even shared those which I posted and sold recently. On other side, you are here talking nonsense that they do not have value and you are ashamed to tell me your 7 classes, because we would find out, that they have pretty valuable amulets too and you had no clue about that :smiley: or maybe we would find out that your 7 character roster is mostly low lvl, so you do not even get decent drops, so 20 AH limit cannot be issue for you, because you spend more time on forum than ingame.

I have no clue what would tell you to see my items posted on AH, when you would not see their detail (and no I will not screenshot you every single item detail), therefore it is pointless information. But just to make you happy, this is one of my characters (again, no clue what you would read from that).

recent prices for arti amulets ( no fillters )

2, yes TWO items sold

Zerker amulets ( no fillters ) 3 out of 5 pages sold for less than 10g.

Do I have to continue this?

3x gem level 5 on sale, are you flipping gems?? If so, it’s just you to blame for hitting the limit.