Market manipulation happening since weeks!

I’ve closely watched the T3 Gem Chest price since it dropped from like 60 gold to 10 gold and below. Since weeks I am noticing systematic intentional price manipulation.

No matter what time of day it is, there are 12 (twelve) T3 Gem Chests added to the market regularly. Every few minutes, while the price gets pushed down by 1 gold regularly.

As this is happening through the whole day, even in the morning or in the night, I can only suspect this is bots doing the work (but why would they do that? They would sell tens of thousands of chests at unnecessary low prices. And where would they get so many chests from?) OR AGS has their hands in the market to push prices in a certain direction.

Both would be extremely bad. I tried to make money on the market by buying low and selling high, by speculating. But this systematic market manipulation destroys these opportunities and is in general bad for the economy.

So who is manipulating the market? I request that AGS analyzes the situation or give and explanation.

I want an honest answer. Is AGS adding items to the market and therefore directly manipulating it? And if not, is AGS actively fighting market manipulation by bots?


It has a certain pattern I think. If the price stays at say 9 gold with a quantity of 12, the next 12 chests get added at 8 gold. But if the quantitiy of the 9 gold gets reduced to e.g. 7, then another 12 get added at a price of 9 again.

Purchase them while they are cheap?


I’ve been doing that for weeks. I had over 1500 chests at one point. And I thought at around 12 Gold it cant go any lower. But it does. Because of the manipulation. The question is, when does it end? 8 Gold for a T3 gem chest is already a steal.

All I can do is averaging down. But it is a curse because of the manipulation.

Price goes down cause they’re giving away tons of the boxes in different ways. Supply and demand… it’s not like gems ever go away so the price can really only go down. I’d think in Kr the prices are probably like 1g cause everyone has years of getting gems and we have a couple months of getting them. Prices might go up a little bit when new chars are released or they give a power pass as they’re will be tons of new chars but even then that wont happen in a year when everyone has max level gems on all there chars

Of course the price also went down a because of that. But did you even read my post? I am talking about the specific market manipulation.

Dont invest what you are not ready to lose, looks like a bad investment to me

i don’t see this as market manipulation is just a natural course of the abundance of supply of gems causing it to crash, if one person puts a gem a gold lower naturally people who put up gems for sale will place it as well.

Competition drive prices down.

Only invest in items that appreciate in value over time. not depreciates the more people are satisfied with the gems they have , the less likely they will buy and driving the prices down as well

if you wanna talk about market manipulation check the currency exchange its having an artificial inflation rn.

Lmao more conspiracy theories. Think you guys need to go out and touch some grass.

Yes, because of the market manipulation it was a bad investment.

Its a theory, yes. But isn’t it very odd that exactly 12 items get added every several minutes, undercutting the current price? For weeks? No matter the daytime?

I think you need to go out and take some fresh air.

Let this sink in.
Youre telling me to get fresh air when youre sitting there watching the market quantity of an item change every several minutes with little to no evidence to your claim.

Dude, I just said it because you said “Think you guys need to go out and touch some grass.”
What is your problem anyway? ^^ Why did you start writing in this thread in the first place if you don’t have anything meaningful to add?