Market not working too many using it

On Azena (north east america), the market was on and off yesterday and today the same. It says too many bots using it. Oh did I say bots, well that was the intent even if the label show adventurers… Would it benefit real players if an exponentially search delay was introduced to stop bots from insta buying common item (like Redflesh fish for instance) and reselling higher price?
Something like your 3rd generic search within 10 seconds now has 2 second delay; 4th generic search in 15 sec, 3 second delay; 5th gen search in 25 sec, 5 sec delay; 6th gen search in 35sec, 8 sec delay; 7th gen search in 50 sec, 13 sec delay; 8th gen search in 70 sec, 21 sec delay; etc. (notice the fibonacci suite?)
Next, some items like Redflesh fish are (next to) impossible to buy at 1 or 2 gold, it’s at 3 gold . Each 5 days average prices is 1.9 gold. So obviously, something is buying the 2g and the 1g stacks. Absolutely not human users. I would bet 1 bitcoin that some or many bots snipe search and snipe buy these, then post at 3g. It is worth considering fighting this situation. I don’t have a very good solution. An half-baked solution I am thinking is this item could be considered something like special search (special because it is one of the top searches) and not only a delay like previously described could be applied but also a 2nd delay depending on how many special searches you did in the past 4 minutes, extra search delay for how many special searches you did in the past 9 minutes, more for special searches in the past 25 minutes, etc. (x amount of special searches within fibonacci square minutes)
And then divide by some factor depending on stuff real players do i.e. maybe like: player level, roster level, stronghold level, pheon bought, legendary engraving book bought, successful bot reporting %, boats acquired, sailor acquired, when significant gold spent honing / high item level, etc.
Even better, simply bot fighting, yet it’s not like this idea would be new…

It’s been 2 weeks now and still ‘too many using it’…
Even at 9:07 AM…
Is there a plan to reduce botting?

Players see bots everywhere, see the market flooded; so we realize bots are proliferating.
On the other hand, players get kicked out from EAC.
We come to wonder who is being punished, bots or players…

It’s been about 1 month now and situation keeps degrading.
Now there is no chance even after many tries / searches / refresh

I concur, it’s bad/unusable at most times in the evening (EST). Not sure about during the day.

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They should just remove the limiter that they put in place. This never happened when player count was 600,000 players - 800,000 players so they must have added some sort of limiter that limits how many unique players/individuals can be accessing the AH at any given time.

will the support team start acknowledging this topic?

I don’t think they can fix it that easily.
If the API hits the quota that quickly it means someone managed to extract it from the game and calls it via some app repeatedly.
Now good luck blocking that person/bot.