Market place down-NA East

So i checked my other characters on other servers and the market place and crystalline aura is working for them but for the Alderbaran server it says the market place is down for maintenance

Hello @tmabe89
This would be a known issue that is currently being worked on, please check this out:

Please bear with us while everything gets back to normal, take care :partly_sunny:

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thank you for the response and for the work you guys are putting in to make sure the game is working smoothly

Thanks to you actually for the kind response :smiley:
This kind of message is always a recharge for the staff so trust me that we do really appreciate your words
Take care :partly_sunny:

Any update in regards of the in game market place and everything tied to it for the Alderbaran server? would like to be able to claim my twitch rewards on that server since that is where im playing most since i told all my friends to create characters on that server.