Market Place maintenance, and deadline to redeem founders pack!

So I’m my playing on Aldebaran. The Market Place has been under maintenance since the server launched. I re-rolled a new character here because I was told by Amazon I would be able to redeem my founders pack on this server instead of my old locked server. Amazon also said we only had until Monday to redeem said founders pack.

Well, it’s now Sunday, the deadline is drawing dangerously close, and I still have been completely unable to redeem my Founders Pack due to the Market Place being “under maintenance” since launch. Am I just going to totally lose my founders pack?

In addition, Crystalline Aura is just flat out not working. This is happening to everyone on the server of NA East Aldebaran.

Character name: Radiofoot

Can we get some confirmation or anything if the store isn’t fixed by the deadline, we’ll still be able to redeem our Founders Pack at a later date??

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I’m on the same server having the same issue. Not sure why the Aldebaran specific issue hasn’t been addressed yet as it has been going on for days

Also on NA East Aldebaran with the same problems. It almost feels like we’re the server that’s been forgotten about. :confused:

Hello @Radiofoot, @blumpkins and @kissmequick, welcome to the Lost Ark Forums! :man_mage:

Thank you for bringing this into our attention!

The team is working on the issues related to the In-Game Store and the Crystalline Aura, you can check for updates on that in here Regarding the In-Game Store & Product Inventory.

Addressing your concern about the redeems of the Founder Packs on your actual server before the date given by Customer Service, I’ll escalate it and will let you know as soon as I have any update on it.

Hope this information helps!

Enjoy Arkesia! :dizzy:


Also on Aldebaran since the 11th. Have not been able to ever open the Marketplace.

First time ever I logged in and saw my product inventory correctly, but only claimed the pet. The product inventory has been empty ever since.

Have verified and totally reinstalled the game as per suggestions in other threads and no fix.

I will await word from you! Thanks for looking into this. I was worried!

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I’m on Aldebaran as well. Haven’t been able to open the shop all weekend.

Twitch drop appeared in product inventory, but I was unable to claim it when I attempted to and now it is no longer visible and I never received it in my inventory. I certainly hope this doesn’t mean its lost in the void.

Why is this server specifically having such an issue with the shop in general?

Anyone hear anything about this yet?

Still not working on Aldebaran…