Market Place Maintenance shouldn't make Crystaline Aura inactive

I know maintenance has to happen, it’s expected, and it’s nice to see Market Place maintenance can be done without having to close down servers completely.

I do feel however someone having crystaline aura shouldn’t have their effect inactive just because of the Market Place being down. I don’t feel that should be a requirement, as it ruins the experience for a lot of players. Especially as the Market Place goes down for maintenance sometimes multiple times a day. Having some sort of caching for the Crystaline Aura should be a possibility in a game like this, especially with the features such a service provides, or at least give us compensation in forms of extended aura for the time the market place is down, assuming it’s impossible to have it on during that maintenance.

Note: I’m not asking for them to give us free aura. I’m just saying if we’re logged in while it’s inactive for 15 minutes, extend our subscription by 15 minutes. I’m not going to pay monthly for something that is completely ignored for 40% of the time I’m logged in. Sure if the sub runs out while I’m asleep, the compensation is for nothing, but that’s a problem on me, at least they did compensate in that case, and that’s what matters. If the servers are completely down however, then we’re not playing at all, so there’s nothing to compensate. I’m only asking for you to give compensation for the time we’re actually playing without aura despite the subscription being active, which I’m sure people would seem as the right thing to do.

For instance, I do a lot of trade skill leveling during these late hours (EU) and with the durability going down like crazy, having to leave Lullaby Island or whever I farm, just to repair, it’s a huge waste of time. We all just want to ctrl click our pet, open the Pet Functions and repair all tools. This takes 5 seconds compared to the 1-5 minutes it takes to find somewhere else to repair.

I’m sure you have a lot to do, and I respect that, take your time. I do feel however this is something that shouldn’t be left unmentioned, and other than people asking how long the market place is under maintenance, I’ve never seen anyone mention a suggestion like this.