Market prices crashing too fast

So with that many bots farming in the game and not just gold from quests bots are in t3 alrdy, especially the chaos dungeons, the prices in the market are constantly going down to a point were its nearly make no reason to sell things anymore. mostly seeing this with honing mats, i know that prices are change through the week and with the resets but i think thats too much and only in one direction.
A week ago destruction stone crytsals had a price of 130g per stack, but now its at 59g price with no sign of getting more expensive again. it’s the same with other mats like leapstones, breath or solar things.
i only play on one server and i dont know how it looks on others but with the tradeable mats you can obtain from different sources, they’re flooding the market with it crashing the prices and with more bots incoming it only will get worse.
maybe there are people who now say “nice i can buy them cheaper now” but for me the market is something i made most of my gold with

So aside from your banwave, that nothing did because you can make new acc without any problems and the promise of your tools that come maybe in some time(how long no one knows, so could alrdy be to late if they come), will you also do something about the gold+items they get into the market or will it stay ?

ps: i mostly want to hear if there’s something planned about the market because of that, couldn’t find a statement about it

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