Market Servers are dead

Could you guys fix the connection issue between game servers and market?
WE cannot even check the prices of items…


They don’t care.

Is this true @Roxx @OminousOnion @Official_News ?

Too many adventures are using this service. Please try again later.

too many adventurers using this service results unknown!

Wonder if it has anything to do with the patch to allow people to purchase with negative pheons.

As i also get error 180001.

they dont care its been 2-3 weeks now. So clearly 0 care was given.

this game is dead and we keep playing it. ive never seen such a bad company like this one. who really dont care about any of us

This issue has actually been ongoing for literal months, it’s just getting worse every week. Now it’s gotten to the point where it requires 10-15 attempts to find one thing and they still don’t care.

those who donate just stop it. you wasting your money for nothing

They’re probably on vacation over Thanksgiving, so there’s nobody to notice this since the game doesn’t see this as being “down” even though it’s an outage.


it looks like they are on Thanksgiving vacation, lets give them till monday and see if we have a better response…

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even buying royal crystal will get you dc.


Nobody cares about doing their job right.