Market/AH prices

Are people actually buying accessories for the current prices? 10K+ for decent accessories (necklaces go for even more), 3k for ability stones.

I’ve debated it but every time I look at the prices, it just doesn’t seem worth it so I’m still rocking 2 3s, 1-1. With gold as scarce as it is, I’m actually curious if people are saving up and buying them or holding off and hoping for a lucky drop every week or the prices to drop.

what’s ur ilvl?
3 3 1 is still fine, you have an entire month to get lucky with weekly argos.

no need to buy any.

only time i bought something from ah is a legendary ability stone.

Sadly, I bought my necklace for 30k and that’s by bidding, not even buy out. I waited for the last few seconds and hit bid to save some gold.

However, this was a few weeks ago, so… prices are definitely cheaper now.

Like he said, the prices get cheaper, im whilling to spend 500-1k gold so its 5K gold for a total setup of good stuff and thats fine. Until than i just wait and save. I Have 3/3/3/1/1 with just 2 Legendary Rings with 1370+ and the rest ist still epic. Yes with Legendary stuff i could get 3/3/3/2/2 ore something like this, but im bard and for me thats totaly fine.

How? Did you buy legendary books?

I’m 1385 still using purples but I’ve been getting denied to groups & see listings that say 3/3 or no inv so I’ve just been using matchmaker

i will post a screen shot later. I Only have Epic bocks no legendary

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Acc prices are depending on your class. I don’t recommend buying it tho.

I wasted over 60k gold to get 3/3/3/1/1 for my class before gold deflated. I would just wait for it to get cheaper and 3/3/3 is enough for valtan

I play gunslinger, hitmaster/grudge is just wild so I’ll prob just wait. I don’t think it’s a good idea to blow all my gold especially on gamble stones

Oh…gunslinger, thats expensive class. I recommend cursed doll since its cheaper and like a bit less dps. I definitely would wait 1 more week.
GL on your accessories hunting.


Here like you see, i have move speed sadly, bust thats almost all from my stone…


I need a very specific ring to get me to my 3/3/3/3 goal. Having no luck for the past few weeks i checked the auction house and OMG there was the ring i needed… For 28k… errrrr pass.