Market/auction house is a mess

I really want to like this game after starting playing again recently, but honestly this is ridiculous, I understand it’s probably a botting problem but no other game I’ve ever played (and I’ve been a daily mmo player since ~2001) has had a virtually unusable market.

Getting locked by “too many adventurers using the service” virtually unable to scroll because everytime you get this error researching just brings you back to page one, a vital service is just unusable, it’s incredibly silly when it’s featured along side scrolling text beneath my chatbox reminding me of a sale in the cash shop and every loading screen showing me “purchase the new reaper pack now!”

I want to like and continue playing the game so much, but things like this can’t be allowed to go on as long as they have, as well as the Disconnect issues being lesser but still rampant.

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Went back from work and wanted to start play the game was doing guild stuff in sea randomly disconnected like a millions time since the last update and reciving a message that my account will be limited cus he is already in use what a joke .
not speaking about action house wich is a choas gate atm nah tbh honest u have to fix this pretty fast amazon this is not funny .