Marketplace has been total garbage for weeks. Now it's basically unusable without spamming x20. Zero active/ongoing communication

If this were any properly run company this type of issue/degradation of service would be considered a P1 | Highest severity/impact type incident/outage.

There would be constant ongoing work to resolve.

There would be SLAs for aggressive internal communication cadence.

There would be people literally breaking down your fucking door for status updates if you were on a responsible team and weren’t providing them.

Communications to customers/stakeholders would be going out at a minimum daily.

Who is managing Lost Ark internally at AGS at the top level, and why are they so bad at their job?

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u need to understand if the problem dosnt affect the shop there is no emergency, as long as people can spend money, you just have to wait for a fix on maintance if your lucky.

Oh, and one more thing there is no one working weekends at AGS so…

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It’s a pretty generous evaluation to imply that they’re doing any work on weekdays either. :smiley:

I’m just lending my voice and fingers to the cause of kicking up dust and making noise for them since they seem to only listen when we literally riot. Though also I’m not exactly a light spender and if they keep this shit up I’ll just take my ball and go home when something better comes out. Best weapon to defeat my own personal sunk cost fallacy is my feelings of spite towards someone/something else. =P

yes indeed, it’s really annoying. I guess bots are clearing their inventory. hopefully there is a fix upcoming this week

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